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Federal prison is not easy. It is not nice, it is not pleasant; but with a Federal Prison Consultant it is manageable. Why do you need one?  Federal Prison was a place I never thought I would be nor did I ever want to be. Sometimes things just happen that you really can’t explain or even know why they happened. They just do. Life is funny that way, one day you are on top of the world and the next day you are in a bottomless pit …….you think things just can’t get worse. But soon you discover they do get worse; worse for you, for your family, for everyone. There are many challenges facing those individuals entering Federal Prison. These challenges are not easy, but they are manageable. Manageable, if you have the proper knowledge, resources, and motivation. The motivation is to get home to your family as soon as possible. This is where Jail Time-the Book and Jail Time Consulting can help.

Jail Time Consulting offers solutions. We offer solutions to the problems that men and women facing federal incarceration are confronted with. Solutions to real life issues that affect their families, their livelihood, their future, and most importantly, the length of their prison stay. Jail Time Consulting knows the Bureau of Prisons programs. There are currently only four BOP programs that can reduce the length of the sentence handed down by the Judge. We excel in all four. You are not alone. Many people have faced doing time in federal prisons. Some were quite famous such as Bernard Madoff who orchestrated a $40 Billion ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 150 years. South Florida attorney Scott Rothstein bilked clients out of $1-2 Billion and received 50 years of prison time. Television celebrity Martha Stewart only served five months in prison while Jeffrey Skilling of Enron fame received 292 months in Federal prison. Media baron Conrad Black was sentenced to 78 months in prison while Michael Vick only spent 19 months in federal prison.

What are the Benefits of Executive Prison Consultants?

What did Martha Stewart and Michael Vick have that you don’t? They had an expert legal team and executive prison consultants that represented every facet of their cases. Federal prison consulting positioned them for the best possible net sentence. Federal Prison Consulting can also position you for the best possible net sentence by working with your attorney and effectively taking advantage of the very sentence reduction programs used by television celebrities, sports superstars, music pop idols, and political big shots.These are the very programs that the Bureau of Prisons BOP offers. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to work! Jail Time Consulting makes it work.

These sentence reduction programs are offered by the BOP. They include the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, the Second Chance Act Program, the Compassionate Release Program, and the Commutation of Sentence Program. Prison isn’t easy, ask Bernard Madoff, Jeffrey Skilling, or Scott Rothstein; but it is manageable.  The Executive Prison Consultants at Jail Time Consulting offer solutions, expertise, and confidential assistance to those defendants and inmates who want to reduce their prison sentence.

“Jail Time Consulting offers solutions. Solutions which include sentence reduction programs to reduce the time you spend in federal prison.”


Jailtime Federal Prison Consulting Mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge, services, and continued support that both they and their families require at this difficult time. Federal prison isn’t easy, but it is manageable. We strive to help our clients before, during, and after their stay in federal prison and to reduce the total time they spend in federal prison.

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