The JTC Compassionate Release Program

The first step that Jail Time Consulting (JTC) takes with any new client is to gather as much information about the client as we can. After gathering this information we initially start to determine if the client is eligible for any sentence reduction programs. One such sentence reduction program is the Compassionate Release Program. Compassionate Release is a Bureau of Prison’s program that if granted allows for the early release of any inmate from incarceration. The Compassionate Release program is based upon federal law written in the United States Code.  The mechanism of release will vary depending upon whether the inmate was sentenced under “old law”, before November 1, 1987, or “new law”, on or after November 1, 1987. This Program takes into consideration the safety factors the government considers before reducing the term of imprisonment, as well as the original factors that should have been considered by the sentencing judge when the sentence was first imposed, and certainly those factors that affect the inmate and his family. All of these factors are taken into consideration.


“Our goal is to help and assist the client in reducing or eliminating his sentence and getting him home to his family as soon as possible.”

JTC will gather and assess all this information and determine if we feel that the inmate would qualify for this program. This is basically a research and information gathering process. All types of information is gathered about the inmate and his or her family and the legal document filings involved in his case. This first step is called the “CRP (Compassionate Release Program) Initial Assessment© phase. After a thorough gathering of documents, information and communication with the inmate and his family, we make an initial assessment and discuss our findings with the inmate and family. If we feel that the inmate qualifies for the Compassionate Release Program and there is a reasonable chance of success, we then proceed with step two which is the “Compassionate Release Submission Program ©”. If we feel that there is not a reasonable chance of success, we inform our client and his/her family and no additional fees are due.

The “Compassionate Release Submission Program ©” is only commenced if we and the inmate feel that after the CPR Initial Assessment© there is a reasonably good chance of success.  If we feel that there is not a reasonably good chance of success, nothing more is due and we do not move forward. If we proceed, we complete the necessary application and document in the application the circumstances for which Compassionate Release should be granted.

The Bureau of Prisons carefully reviews each request for Compassionate Release so as to protect the public from any undue risk. If the Compassionate Release request is successful a motion will be provided to the sentencing court for the modification of an inmate’s sentence. This motion will only be made in cases of particularly extraordinary or compelling circumstances that could not reasonably have been foreseen by the court at the time of sentencing.

“Jail Time Consulting carefully researches all factors which pertain to Compassionate Release eligibility for the inmate and presents a strong case on behalf of the inmate.”

As we complete the application for Compassionate Release we also research and provide all the supporting documentation, exhibits, information, records, and data from all the needed sources including medical history, family history, case history, financial history, psychological history, and any other required documentation and records. This is then submitted in the appropriate form and procedure for the inmate. Jail Time Consulting carefully researches all factors which pertain to Compassionate Release eligibility for the inmate and presents a strong case on behalf of the inmate.

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