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September 16, 2019: Founder Michael Frantz Interviews with the Morning Drive News Talk Show on Kabc Radio AM790 in Los Angelos about Felicity Huffman and the Varsity Blues Scandal

Learn About Three Of Our Most Popular Programs

RDAP Guarantee

Criminal Records Removal Service

Second Chance Act

We've helped thousands of individuals just like you.

Get honest and accurate advice from our experienced team of consultants.

Reputation Repair

Reputation Repair

Whether you need to restore your online reputation or remove criminal records, JailTime Consulting can help by providing an experienced consultant to stand by your side.

Inmate programs

Inmate Programs

Need to request a furlough or a transfer? Have a location in mind you'd like to lobby for? We can even help with perks & updgrades.

Defendant Programs

Defendant Programs

Expert advice when it comes to Judicial Recommendations, and help for mothers to stay with their newborn children through our RRC-based residential program.

You Don't Have to Face Your Jail Time Alone

Federal prison isn’t easy, but it is manageable

What did Martha Stewart and Michael Vick have that you don’t? They had an expert legal team and an expert federal prison consulting team that represented every facet of their cases. Their federal prison consultant positioned them for the very best possible net sentence and the least amount of time in federal prison. 

The Federal Prison Consultants at Jail Time Consulting offer solutions, expertise, and confidential assistance to those defendants and inmates who want to reduce their time in federal or state prisons. 

jail time consulting

"Thank you for your kindness, understanding, patience, and your straightforward answers to the myriad of questions both my wife and I had. We both are so happy we are with you and not you know who. His company did nothing but take our money and do nothing."

"Michael, you really were a God send for David. You helped him with the interview, (PSI Interview), and the Second Chance Program. The eleven months off was wonderful for all of us. You are in my prayers!"

"Loved your book and I look forward to your assistance when I get to Duluth. Stay with me!"

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