If you or a loved has a sentence for some time in federal or state prison, don’t worry, we are on your side. Our consultants are the experts in finding any possibility for early release. Options might include halfway houses, house arrest, work release, Reduction in Sentence Motions, or Sentence Reduction Programs offered to both State and Federal inmates. Our goal is to help you find the best available options. Contact us at (800) 382-0868 or 954-522-2254 to see if you qualify for our Sentence Reduction Services.

Shorten Your Time in Federal or State Prison

Because we know the hardships of time spent away from your loved ones, we want to make the experience as brief as possible. Here at Jail Time Consulting, we ensure that our clients and their families have all the knowledge they need throughout the incarceration process. We stay with you the whole time!

There are several new bills being introduced and just introduced which, if passed, will allow inmates to reduce the time they spend in actual prison. One example is The First Step Act of 2018 and it is endorsed by President Trump.  In just a few years this bill, if it becomes law. could help thousands of offenders earn time credit and use it for good- time sentence reductions.

There are many other bills being introduced and Jail Time Consulting provides free updates on all of them. Just call or email us. This information provides inmates hope and encouragement and a desire to rehabilitate with these new laws. But inmates and families must know what the opportunities are for sentence reduction. In addition, these updates include any criteria changes so that inmates can adjust accordingly.

Contact Us to See if You Qualify for Sentence Reduction Services

Start saving time and take advantage of our Sentence Reduction Services. Contact us today to see how you can shorten the time of your sentence. Call us at (800) 382-0868 or 954-522-2254 for a free consultation.