Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP

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Life-Changing Transformation

Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP gives hope to convicted and broken citizens and families.

The Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP (Residential Drug Abuse Programs) impact the lives of many individuals and families across the state as well as the country. Our specialists work hard to take care of our clients and bring hope into their lives.

We work to build a better and brighter future for our clients, thus giving them and their families another chance to create a successful and peaceful life.

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Second Class Act Programs

At Jail Time Consulting, we do all we can to make you aware of the opportunities and possibilities available to you. Because we care about our clients, we work with you to come up with the best and most efficient solution.

Initial SCA (Second Chance Act) Program Component©

Due to the complexity of the Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP, we provide you with documentation to support your eligibility and application for the maximum halfway house time.

We tell you what you should and shouldn't do to increase your chances for maximum halfway house/home confinement. Best of all, we are with you every step of the way!

Then we put together our Initial SCA (Second Chance Act) Package © and send it to all the various BOP staff members that make that decision on your additional halfway house time/home confinement. We have the resources, knowledge, and skills to help you prepare and position yourself for eligibility and acceptance. We provide the BOP with current, accurate, precise, and truthful information about your existing circumstances and condition.

Coronavirus - Keeping Our Inmates Safe
Inmates over 55 are the fastest-growing population in our prison system.

Enhanced SCA (Second Chance Act) Program Componet©

As prisoners enter programs such as Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP, there are only five qualifications for inmates in the Second Chance Act. One of the most relevant and focused aspects that factor is “any statement by the Court that imposed the sentence.” 

In the Enhanced Program section, we developed several additional elements to present an accurate and realistic picture of the inmate’s current situation and rehabilitation to the judge and the BOP.

But we don't stop here. We then contact the CCM Regional Halfway House Administrator in the inmate’s region to check on bed space availability. Then, we follow the prisoner's progression through the system and try to speed it up if possible. We send our recommendation to the CCM Regional Halfway House Administrator.

We know that this program works due to the benefit of hundreds of inmates since 2008.