The Second Chance Act was a crucial part of our American history and still makes a great impact on our present day judicial system. The Second Chance Act (SCA) supports local, state, and tribal government and nonprofit organizations in their purpose of improving the lives of people returning from state and federal prison, local jails, and juvenile facilities.

To make the outcomes of individuals and families the most pleasant experience after a period of conviction is important to reduce recidivism and increase transition success. Reputation repair, from criminal records removal to restoring online reputation can be a long process and require a great amount of effort and patience. The Second Chance Act allows for a smoother, easier transition, resulting in less criminal offense after incarceration.

 Jail Time Consulting Sentence Reduction Programs

At Jail Time Consulting, we offer a variety of Sentence Reduction Programs, helping returning inmates merge back into society as honest, hard-working citizens. As an individual coming back from federal prison, help from our professionals can be beneficial in entering into the community once again.

As part of our Sentence Reduction Programs, we heavily incorporate The Second Chance Act to assist in the process of leaving the prison system and returning to the outside world.

A Few Benefits of The Second Chance Act

 The Second Chance Act ensures that a prisoner serving a term of incarceration spends a portion of the final months of that term in a community correction facility or appropriate conditions that will afford the prisoner a reasonable opportunity to adjust back to society.

  • The Second Chance Act Allows the BOP discretion to place prisoners in home confinements instead of halfway houses. This can be a great benefit to families who are trying to stay together after a traumatizing experience. This helps the individual on house arrest to be more comfortable and also allows travel, though travel is restricted.
  • The Second Chance Act also allows for halfway house or home confinement time to be extended to a longer period of time than the original amount of time. The Second Chance Act elongates the time from around 3 months to around 12 months if circumstances permit.

Benefits of the 2nd Chance Act ultimately help retiring inmates to adjust back to normal, happy lives and to become contributing citizens again.