BOP Facility Designation
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Due to the current 44% overcrowding in the Bureau of Prisons, more and more defendants are being designated to facilities that are thousands of miles away from their homes and families. What is even worse is that defendants who are scored minimum security and should be in a camp, are being sent to low, medium, and high security prisons, you know, where there are gangs, violence, rapes, fights and stabbings. You do not need this and do not want this. Better yet, it does not have to happen if you are proactive and call Jail Time Consulting.

We provide a 21-point Designation Spreadsheet© for all our clients. This Designation Spreadsheet© compares all the same security level facilities in our client’s region. This allows the defendant and his family to look over the facilities and compare visiting times, e-mail capability, exercise facilities, law and regular library considerations, distance from his home, work opportunities, type of housing (dormitory, cubicles, rooms, or cells), safety factors, security factors, and many more items. We help you choose the best prison for you and then we help you get it. You must be proactive in the process. Do not let it up to the Bureau of Prisons!

BOP Facility Designation
More and more defendants are being designated to prisons far from their families

More and more defendants are being designated to prisons far from their families

Even though the Bureau of Prisons attempts to place a new inmate in a federal prison of the appropriate security level within 500 miles of the inmate’s home and family, this is happening less and less frequently. Prison overcrowding, longer sentences, more aggressive prosecution, and more and more white collar inmates being sentenced causes higher security designations and placement outside the 500 mile radius. It happens all the time!

Jail Time Consulting, by working with the defendant and laying pre-sentencing groundwork and providing supporting documentation to the people making the designation decisions, helps position the inmate for a favorable placement near his family in a safe and secure federal prison offering the programs, medical considerations, work programs, educational opportunities, exercise programs, and cultural diversity considerations that the inmate requires. We lobby the appropriate BOP staff members via letters, emails, and direct telephone calls to secure the designation you want.

Just hoping for a good designation won’t work. A good federal prison designation is the result of hours and hours of hard work laying a solid foundation well before your sentencing date. We work with you and your family to try to get the designation you want.

Jail Time Consulting lays a secure foundation well in advance of the sentencing date to maximize the opportunity for proper facility designation.

We utilize BOP programs, judicial recommendations, BOP statistics on federal prison population, as well as Designation Capacity and Rated Capacity statistics to ensure a good federal prison designation for our clients.

All factors are presented to our clients so, together; we can choose the proper facility.

Due to current prison overcrowding and the large number of white-collar defendants being incarcerated, white-collar defendants are finding it more and more difficult to be designated close to their families and to be designated to a lower security federal prison.

That's why you need a dedicated and knowledgeable federal prison consultant from Jail Time Consulting.

Your ideal placement would be a minimum security Federal Prison Camp. Minimum Security Federal Prison Camps (FPCs) have dormitory, cubicle, or room type housing, a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, and limited or no perimeter fencing. Inmates have much more freedom of movement than in the other security level federal prisons. They are basically work oriented and many are located adjacent to larger federal prisons or on military bases and help serve the labor needs of the larger institution or military base. In some federal prison camps, inmates actually leave the prison and work on the military base. We help you get to these minimum security federal prison camps.

Jail Time Consulting can assist the federal or state defendant or inmate to secure an appropriate designation or re-designation that is safe, secure, and free from all the inmate violence that is common in prisons. We assist the defendant/inmate and his family to secure a location that is close to the family for visiting purposes and to help save money on costly travel expenses necessitated by a designation to a facility far away.

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