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The Graying of America’s Prisons: ‘When is Enough Enough?’

Inmates over 55 are the fastest-growing population in our prison system.

Inmates over 55 are among the fastest-growing population. They burden prisons and taxpayers but pose the lowest threat to society. One of Wayne Pray’s earliest run-ins with the criminal justice system occurred when he was 22. He was arrested for having pills in two envelopes. At 29, he was given probation on fraud charges. By the time he…

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Federal Prison Consultants: Do You Really Need Them?

White Collar Crimes - Federal Prison Consultant

October 14, 2019 Meet Michael Frantz, leading Federal Prison Consultant, who provides consulting services and program positioning to defendants and their families facing federal incarceration. He is devoted to assisting and helping both federal and state defendants, inmates and their families and is often seen addressing various questions about Federal Prison on radio interviews, news articles, television,…

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Making Crime Pay: Prison Consultants

Prison Consultant Services

A web site is where Vickie Skidmore, stumbled onto Michael Frantz, an ex-convict who runs Jail Time Consulting as an experienced prison consultant. Ms. Skidmore was seeking help getting a transfer and some medical assistance for her son, Marcus Rosenberger, sentenced to 33 months on several counts of wire fraud related to real estate transactions…

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Jail Time Consulting Represents Defendants in Operation Varsity Blues College Scandal

Varsity Blues College Scandal

‘It was horrifying’: Ex-inmates describe fate that may await Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin, other parents in college scandal Demeaning experience of going to federal prison can’t be sugar-coated, former inmates say. The Mercury News | Bay Area News Group | September 12, 2019 On the morning in 2015 that Holli Coulman surrendered at the Victorville…

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Life in Prison Can Be Dangerous

Michael Douglas with his son, Cameron. Prison can be dangerous.

An unforgettable story of how inmates can use all the help they can get. Cameron Douglas testified against the people who gave him drugs. Now he is suffering the consequences. Prison is dangerous. Now Cameron, in federal prison, has a broken leg and finger. Needless to say, prison can be dangerous. A gangster, also behind bars…

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Do You Remember This Crazy Piece of History?

Thought on Prosecutorial Misconduct by Jail Time Consulting

Tables Turned On Federal Prosecutors For Prosecutorial Misconduct! South Florida federal prosecutors may now face the music for their charges of prosecutorial misconduct. A South Florida physician was acquitted despite the wrongdoings of the prosecutors. Now the prosecutors face their own day in court. April 21, 2009 – PRLog — Michael Frantz, a leading Federal Prison Consultant for Jail Time…

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Read Michael Frantz’s Interview on MarketWatch published July 16, 2019

Reputation Repair Program

Jeffrey Epstein was a PR master at managing his reputation — here’s why his ‘spamming the internet’ tactic wouldn’t work today A reputation repair program for a prominent person convicted of criminal wrongdoing can easily cost more than $100,000 Jeffrey Epstein wielded upper-crust cachet and an online PR storm to rehabilitate his image after registering…

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Help For Federal Prison Inmates And Their Families!

Jail Time Consulting has an affordable service for keeping federal prison inmates, their families, and other concerned parties informed about the latest changes in federal prison programs and other federal prison-related issues. Visit to see how Michael Frantz, a leading Federal Prison Consultant for Jail Time Consulting releases new and updated articles on various prison…

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