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Use the Compassionate Release Program.

Our job is to ensure your success and for the earliest release possible. Talk with an expert to see if you qualify for the Compassionate Release Program.

Have Circumstances Changed?

Giving Inmated a Chance to Take Care of Mishaps.

The Compassionate Release Program allows inmates to receive an immediate release in the case of extraordinary situations at home. We know that your family is important to you and we want to help you be where you need to be.

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Earn Early Release

We are here to support and represent inmates with unexpected changes in family circumstances, unforeseen mental or health problems, or other reasonable cases.

If you are in a situation that may qualify you for the Compassionate Release Program, contact us for support and guidance.


  • Elderly Inmates with Medical Conditions,
  • “NEW LAW” Elderly Inmates 70 years old or older, no severe Medical Conditions,
  • Any Inmate with a Terminal Medical Condition,
  • Any Inmate with a Progressive Illness or Debilitating Injury,
  • Non-Medical Circumstances—Death or Incapacitation of the Family Caregiver at home,
  • Non-Medical Circumstances—Incapacitation or Illness of Spouse/Partner at home.

Trusted Representatives

With five offices nationally, we provide information, consultation, and prison program services to individuals facing federal and state incarceration throughout the United States. We have clients in every federal prison in the United States and clients in many state prisons also.

Our professionals understand that incarceration is a serious matter and can be painful for the inmate as well as their family.

We have some of the best consultants available for individuals involved in the federal prison system. If you need help and want to reduce your sentence time, we are here to help.

Contact one of our experts today to see if you might qualify for early release. We want to get you back into the community as soon as possible.


Our Clients Say:

"Michael, you really were a God send for David. You helped him with the interview, (PSI Interview), and the Second Chance Program. The eleven months off was wonderful for all of us. You are in my prayers!"

"Thank you for your kindness, understanding, patience, and your straightforward answers to the myriad of questions both my wife and I had. We both are so happy we are with you and not you know who. His company did nothing but take our money and do nothing."

"Loved your book and I look forward to your assistance when I get to Duluth. Stay with me!"

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