Criminal Records Removal Service

Viable alternatives to state or federal expungement, with quick results.

Whether you are a federal felon, a state felon, or not a felon at all, but would like some of those speeding tickets taken off, we'll remove everything about anyone. Start our Criminal Records Removal Service Program, CRRS.

It takes about 40 - 60 days to complete, but our Criminal Records Removal Service Program, CRRS can remove all of your derogatory criminal records and other undesirable information from 41 popular Criminal Background Record Check sites like BeenVerified™, PeopleSearch™, Lexis Nexis® Peoplewise™, Intelius™, Instant Checkmate™, Phone Detective™, Public Records™, Public Background Checks™, Public Records™, US Public Records™, Private Eye™, PeopleFinders™, UnitedStatesBackgroundChecks™, and many others.

Best of all, if it ever reappears for any reason, we will remove it free of charge!



Our Criminal Records Removal Service completely removes your criminal records as well as other private, personal, and derogatory information from the top websites that are used by employers to run background checks, used by financial institutions for credit checks, and real estate companies for prospective renters.


Don't let your personal information show up on your nosey neighbor's computer screen

There is a one-time low fee that covers everything included.

If you find for any reason that you have reappeared on any one of our covered databases, simply contact us and we will remove it again within 30 days—guaranteed! There is no additional charge. This is the next best thing to complete expungement of criminal records.

Call 231-668-9231 for more information and a confidential consultation.