Delay in Reporting Date Motion

We can prepare a Delay in Reporting Date Motion for you. Why go to a maximum security prison when you are a minimum security inmate simply because the BOP is not ready for you or does not have all your paperwork? You do not have to! You have alternatives.

Unfortunately, some inmates are remanded to custody right in the court room and are not allowed to self-surrender. This is the worst possible scenario.

The best scenario is when the judge allows you to self-surrender when you get your notification letter and the BOP is ready for you. You report directly to your designated facility, no "diesel therapy", no additional problems. This is the best way to self-surrender.

A third scenario is when your judge allows you to self-surrender, but he also sets the date that you are to self-surrender. This may be good or may be bad. If the BOP is not ready for you, does not have bed space for you, or may not have all your paperwork, you are in trouble. You will have to report to the US Marshals Service who will take you to a maximum security Federal Detention Center even though you may be a minimum security inmate.

If the judge sets your report date or you receive your "report" letter and are not ready to report yet, we can submit a motion to the court for a delay in your reporting date. This will prevent "diesel therapy" as well as being locked up in a cell with other inmates who may be a higher security and custody level than you. They may have a violent history, or charged with rape, murder, arson, or child molestation. You are minimum security, you do not need to be locked up in a maximum security Detention Center.

You may have very valid reasons for your delay. They may be financial, medical, family, or work related. We will assist you in your goal to get a delay in your reporting date. This will allow you to take care of those important matters you need to take care of before you go to prison. The staff at Jail Time Consulting are specialists in preparing Delay in Reporting Date motions.

sentence reduction

Information on New Sentence Reduction Programs

There are many new laws and proposed legislation that may pass that could reduce your time of incarceration. We keep our clients totally updated on all of these new laws and proposed legislation.

There are many new bills that are being introduced in Congress that address the issue of prison overcrowding, the high cost of incarceration, and state and federal inmate sentence reductions. Many of these bills will allow an inmate to be released early from prison and come home. Some are state laws and some are federal laws but all of them have the same result—getting your loved one home early. Jail Time Consulting knows which bills have a chance of passing and update our clients and their families on those sentence reduction bills.

The Drugs Minus Two Level Amendment by the U. S. Sentencing Commission has already passed and will allow inmates to be released from prison as early as November 1, 2015. A similar amendment for Economic Crimes has also been introduced and have many lawmakers supporting it. We will keep our clients updated on this important piece of legislation.

The newly introduced First Step Act focuses on rehabilitating people once they’re already in prison by providing them, with the possibility of earlier release, to partake in rehabilitation programs. Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, has been a major proponent of prison reform. It also has President Trump’s support. As Kushner explained at the White House summit, “The single biggest thing we want to do is really define what the purpose of a prison is. Is the purpose to punish, is the purpose to warehouse, or is the purpose to rehabilitate?”

The bill encourages inmates to participate in more vocational and rehabilitative programs, by letting them get “earned time credits” that allow them to be released early to halfway houses or home confinement. Not only could this mitigate prison overcrowding, but the hope is that the education programs will reduce the likelihood that an inmate will commit another crime once released and, as a result, reduce both crime and incarceration in the long term. There is good evidence and support that this actually happens!

The bill increases the amount of “good time credits” that inmates can earn. Inmates who avoid a disciplinary record can currently get credits of up to 47 days per year incarcerated. The bill increases the cap to 54, allowing well-behaved inmates to cut their prison sentence by an additional week for each year they’re incarcerated. The change applies retroactively, which could essentially allow some prisoners to be released the day the bill goes into effect.

The JT Consulting Legislation Update Program provides you with information on new sentence reduction programs as they become available. The JT Consulting Legislative Update Program is just what incoming defendants and current inmates need to separate “fact” from “fiction” concerning new sentence reduction programs offered by the BOP and current pending legislation in Congress.

Any defendant or inmate who subscribes to this program will have complete access to current information on all new bills submitted to Congress as well as have their questions answered on current laws or BOP policies and procedures. It is a complete “How To” Program. It also provides information on all new proposed federal legislation. This includes the latest news on any sentence reduction bills that are about to be introduced or have been introduced. It also includes any new BOP sentence reduction programs or criteria changes on existing programs. We will keep you totally informed on all pending legislation, changing BOP policies, Good Time Credit (GTC), parole, probation, and sentence reduction programs. Now, you will be able to separate the truth from fiction.

You will not have to rely on, inmate rumors, or BOP staff misinformation any more. This type of information is almost always incorrect. You will know what is really happening and you will know the truth.

In addition, once you join the JTC Legislative Update Program you will be able to e-mail us and ask any questions you may have on any of these topics. You will have total access to our wealth of information concerning any pending legislation, BOP programs, procedures, policies, and any other questions you may have. This includes the latest news on the Prison Reform and Redemption Act of 2017, the Smarter Sentencing Act of 2017, the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2017, and many more. Jail Time Consulting keeps you totally updated on all these important new programs, bills, and laws.

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