October 14, 2019

Meet Michael Frantz, leading Federal Prison Consultant, who provides consulting services and program positioning to defendants and their families facing federal incarceration. He is devoted to assisting and helping both federal and state defendants, inmates and their families and is often seen addressing various questions about Federal Prison on radio interviews, news articles, television, and more.

In an interview back in 2009, Federal Prison Consultant Michael Frantz was asked, “Why would a federal criminal defendant purchase your book, Jail Time, What You Need to Know…Before You Go To Federal Prison! and the services of your company, Jail Time Consulting?” Michael Frantz simply replied, “Can he afford not to?”

We can see that more white-collar criminals today are ending up at higher security prisons. It is no longer automatic for white-collar criminals to go to a minimum-security Federal Prison Camp. Those days are over. White-collar criminals will no longer be automatically sentenced to facilities near family. With prisons being 44 – 46% overcrowded, defendants are now designated to facilities that have available beds. They can be thousands of miles away from their families and be a higher security level than the inmate is scored for!

Michael Frantz also emphasized that “White-collar criminals can no longer expect to serve a set amount of time in halfway houses. Halfway houses are overcrowded also and are tending to keep inmates longer for the per diem bed charge they receive. Since halfway houses no longer receive the per diem charge when the inmate goes to home detention, the halfway houses are keeping inmates longer. This cuts down on Home Detention.” Frantz also stated, “Those inmates fortunate enough to graduate from the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program and receive up to a 12-month sentence reduction will automatically receive extra time in the Halfway House.” The 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program is also known as the RDAP program.

Possibilities For Federal Prisoners

Even judicial recommendations don’t guarantee that a defendant will receive the following, but with consulting services from Jail Time Consulting, there is a significant chance that inmates will receive the following:

  • Designation to a minimum-security Federal Prison Camp
  • Designation to a safe and secure Federal Prison near his residence and family
  • Up to 12 months out of prison early via the Second Chance Act, part of the time in a halfway house and part in home detention
  • Admission to the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program and the four other Federal Sentence Reduction Programs.

Full-service Federal Prison Consultants, like Michael Frantz, have the expertise to represent clients before and after sentencing. It is important to have a Federal Prison Consultant that knows the ins and outs of all of the federal Bureau of Prisons programs that the Bureau currently offers.

As a Federal Prison Inmate, You Can Use All the Help You Can Get

Frantz works closely with the client’s legal defense team to provide the best possible net sentence. Many attorneys are not fully knowledgeable in the Bureau of Prisons’ policies, procedures, and Program Statements. He is not an attorney, but he works in cooperation and in conjunction with the client’s attorney. He is an expert in the BOP’s policies and programs as well as positioning his clients for admission to the BOP’s sentence reduction programs.

Michael Frantz concludes, “When you consider what a Federal Prison Consultant can do for you, your main considerations should be reducing your time in prison, being in a safe and secure environment close to your family, educating and preparing both you and your family for prison life, and the Consultant’s continued support for all involved parties while you are in prison.” When considering the current 97% conviction rates, you need all the help you can get!