Furlough Requests

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A furlough is not a right but a privilege granted a federal prison inmate under prescribed conditions. It is not a reward for good behavior, or a means to shorten a criminal sentence. A furlough is defined as “an authorized absence from a federal prison by an inmate who is not under escort of a staff member, U.S. Marshal, or state or federal agents”.

Main types of furloughs:

  1. The most common type of furlough is the Social Furlough. A Social Furlough can either be a Day Furlough or an Overnight Furlough.
  2. The Day Furlough is a furlough within the geographic limits of the commuting area of the federal prison (approximately a 100-mile radius), which lasts 16 hours or less and ends before midnight.
  3. The second type of social furlough is an Overnight Furlough and can last up to seven (7) days. Normally, Overnight Furloughs are classified as three day furloughs or five to seven day furloughs. In both cases the inmate may be picked up by his family and travel unescorted to his home. This furlough is a legalized way to visit your family for up to 7 days while you are in prison.

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Furlough Requests - First Step Act Releases
Eligibility for Federal Prison Furlough

Eligibility for Federal Prison Furlough

Eligibility for a Day Furlough requires that the inmate be at his current federal prison for one-hundred and eighty (180) days with clear conduct and he is within twenty-four (24) months of his anticipated release date. Eligibility for an Overnight Furlough requires that the inmate be at his current federal prison for one-hundred and eighty (180) days with clear conduct and he is within eighteen (18) months of his anticipated release date.

An inmate may receive more than one furlough but the furloughs must be at least ninety (90) days apart. Inmates must also have minimum security and community custody to be eligible for a furlough. This means the inmate must be at a Federal Prison Camp. Jail Time Consulting has all the eligibility requirements for inmate furloughs. Call us now.

Preparing for a Federal Prison Furlough

Preparing for a Federal Prison Furlough

Jail Time Consulting prepares our clients for these furloughs and provides all the necessary supporting documentation, exhibits, forms, itineraries, paperwork, and application to the BOP. We start with our clients completing a JTC Furlough Questionnaire©.

This information helps us position the inmate for eligibility and then we explain all the rules, regulations, forms, and proper inmate behavior in order to increase his/her chances for furlough eligibility. An inmate must be in a minimum security Federal Prison Camp to be eligible for any of these unescorted furloughs.

Jail Time Consulting also provides information and assistance in other types of furloughs such as medical furloughs, transfer furloughs, and both escorted and unescorted emergency family furloughs. If a member of an inmate’s family is sick or dying we assist in an emergency family furlough for the inmate to visit the family member while he/she is still alive. We also assist the inmate in emergency furloughs when a family member passes. Without assistance, almost all furloughs are denied. We have all the required forms including the JTC Furlough Questionnaire© as well as the Furlough Application. We also provide the inmate with the Inmate’s Conditions of Furlough which lists all the conditions and stipulations with which the inmate must comply. Our experienced staff will get the job done for you. Contact us today.

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