Inmate Perks & Upgrades

We can help you improve your prison stay

No one is prepared for life in a federal prison. No matter how much you read, no matter what your attorney tells you, life in federal prison is hell. I know I have been there. It is not comfortable, it is not pleasant, but it can be tolerable. Discussing your many concerns with people who know and having the multitude of questions floating around in your head answered is certainly a huge help. Federal prison isn’t easy, but it can be bearable. There are very few benefits, perks, or upgrades associated with federal prison. Very few perks to make an inmate’s life easier or more bearable, yet they do exist.

JTC educates and informs defendants and positions them, before entering prison, to receive these little known perks and upgrades. They may not be much to you in the world outside of prison, but when you are in prison, each little perk or upgrade is a tremendous improvement in your qualify of life if you did not have the perk or upgrade. The majority of inmates do not have them and cannot get them because they did not plan ahead before they entered prison. Don't be one of those people, plan now and call us. 

We can help you improve your prison stay


Some federal prison inmates may not qualify for these perks or upgrades when they arrive in prison because they have not prepared for them.


Positioning for these perks and upgrades does not start when the defendant arrives in prison, it starts long before.


Although many of these perks and upgrades may appear to be of little significance now, to the inmate in a federal prison they mean the world.

Jail Time Consulting positions our clients for these little known perks and upgrades prior to sentencing.

Jail Time Consulting positions our clients for these little known perks and upgrades prior to sentencing

These quality of life enhancements include soft comfortable shoes instead of hard steel-toed work boots, additional and better blankets and pillows, extra visits from your family, special meals, additional religious privileges, a bottom bunk, social furloughs, community work details, commissary line privileges, and common fare meals. The 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) is a tremendous perk all to itself as is the Second Chance Act programs for additional halfway house or home detention time.

If an inmate entering federal prison asks for one of these perks or upgrades, he will be denied. There is a process that must be followed, documentation that must be obtained, a positioning of the defendant prior to sentencing and arriving at federal prison that must be adhered to.

Jail Time Consulting positions the defendant for these little known perks and upgrades prior to sentencing and his arrival in federal prison. These enhancements are a great improvement over the standard items or privileges enjoyed by most federal prison inmates.

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