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Jail Time: What You Need To Know Before You Go To Federal Prison

Have you ever known someone who has gone to jail? A close friend, a family member, or even yourself? Maybe you know someone who was recently convicted and who is about to go to prison. These situations can be hard for the convicted as well as friends and family. Former convict, Michael Frantz has published a book relating to federal prison and what prosecution and incarceration really entail.

Real Facts About Federal Prison

Jail Time: What You Need To Know Before You Go To Federal Prison is a great source for anyone preparing for federal prison, whether you or someone you associate with are going to jail. Frantz describes the events, the culture, and what to expect throughout this process. His objective in writing this book is to give honest, accurate facts about what happens when you get to jail. The tips provided in Jail Time will be helpful for anyone with connections to prison and the Criminal Justice System.

The personal experience of this past convict is meant to inform readers as well as to help others see that they are not alone in the prosecution experience. His goal is to help readers see that there is someone who wants to help them have the best experience possible.

Real Facts About the Criminal Justice System

 Frantz describes his book as “the book a United States District Judge doesn’t want you to read.” Jail Time is meant to give straightforward, honest information concerning the Criminal Justice System and this man’s experience in being a part of it.

Frantz explains that even while writing about the experiences he had with the Criminal Justice, he struggled to get his book published. The obstacles he was required to overcome make for an interesting work, in which Michael Frantz put his best efforts into something he feels so passionately about. You can read more about the journey of writing Jail Time here.

This passionate author expounds his stories about the prosecution system and shares his knowledge of what a convict should do to lessen jail time and minimize further consequences. From his experience, he wishes to share what he has learned by being a federal prison insider. The book is Jail Time: What You Need To Know Before You Go To Federal Prison and it is a must read for anyone dealing with federal charges and prosecutions. Order Michael Frantz’s book for only $49.95 and change the way you experience federal prison.

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