Judicial Recommendations

Why You Need Them

We are specialists in securing for our clients those very important judicial recommendations that are needed for sentence reduction programs, proper designation, self-surrender issues, and inmate restitution problems

Once there is a finding of guilt, either via a plea agreement or by a jury verdict of guilty, the defendant must decide many issues immediately. These are issues that will impact how long he remains in prison, where he will serve his sentence, if he can self surrender or will he go through "diesel therapy", and finally how much money the Bureau of Prisons will take from his commissary account each month.  Specifically constructed judicial recommendations will help address all these issues. Jail Time Consulting provides these important judicial recommendations to the defendant and his attorney prior to sentencing. They can be used in the Defendant's Sentencing Memorandum or provided to the Court the day of sentencing. Either way will benefit the defendant, it just has to be done! Jail Time Consulting is exceptionally proficient at writing judicial recommendations for our clients.

The defendant must make sure that his attorney is aware of which similar sounding programs offer sentence reductions and which ones do not. Judicial Recommendations must be for the correct program such as the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program and not for the 20-Hour Drug Education Course, or the 40-Hour Drug Education Course or the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program. Remember, the 20-Hour and 40-Hour Drug Education Course and the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program are all good programs, but they do not offer any sentence reduction incentives for the inmate.

Judicial Recommendations

Judicial recommendations are requests to the Bureau of Prisons for placement of a defendant in a specific federal prison, participation in a specialized federal prison program, and how restitution or a fine will be paid by the defendant while he is in prison

Although judicial recommendations do not guarantee a Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) program or designation, they are helpful and they do guarantee how much money the BOP can take from the inmate monthly. It is much better to have a judicial recommendation for a designation, program, or service than not to have one.

Jail Time Consulting provides up to five important judicial recommendations with supporting documentation to our clients and his attorney to request of the Court in his behalf.

Without a judicial recommendation with supporting documentation, your fate on these five important issues is in the hands of the BOP. This is one aspect of your case that you do want to have input in and be proactive and not let the BOP decide for you.

The recommendations that we provide are instrumental to the sentence reduction programs you want, the designation to the most appropriate and safest facility for you, any restitution, fines, or court ordered obligations you may have, and the important aspect of being able to self-surrender rather than be remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service at sentencing and go through the dreaded "diesel therapy'.

We lay the proper foundation and groundwork well in advance of the sentencing deadline and position our clients for success.

We are highly successful in securing these recommendations for our clients. This means you get the programs, both sentence reduction and other important programs you need, as well as a safe, secure facility close to your family, payment of restitution your family can afford, and being able to self-surrender.

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