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Inmate Medical Services

Medical care in the Bureau of Prisons is atrocious and pathetic! Period! It is less than minimal care. Incoming defendants must know how to prepare for and manage their medical care in prison. You need to know what you have to do before you arrive in prison. You need to know about medications, pill lines, cop-outs for medical care, and much, much more. You need to know what medical documents, letters, and materials to bring in initially and also to have a reliable consultant on the outside who has copies of everything, knows your medical conditions, and knows the "ins" and "outs" of the BOP medical bureaucracy. Jail Time Consulting is that reliable consulting company. We will do this and more for you. Your medical care is of paramount importance to us and a very important goal. We want you to come home, and come home healthy.

Medical equipment, proper medications, medical treatments:

We can get you the needed CPAP machine, wheelchair, portable oxygen device, the proper medications, the proper treatments, and we can fight for your medical rights and inform you of your medical responsibilities whether you are a Care Level 1,2,3, or 4 inmate.

If you want to make sure your incarcerated family member is receiving the proper medical care, treatments, medications, and attention, call us now. Our goal is to make sure all our clients get the proper medical care they are entitled to.

Remember, any defendant entering federal prison with either acute or chronic medical conditions is at risk. It is imperative that they have the proper medical care and they are designated to the appropriate medical facility. We can assist you in both of these important factors. After all, it is your life we are talking about!

Inmate Medical Services
Administrative Remedy Appeal - Management Variable & Public Safety Factor Waivers

Management Variable & Public Safety Factor Waivers

A Management Variable (MGTV) is a term and process the Bureau of Prisons uses to place a defendant or inmate in a security level institution (prison) that is inconsistent with his scored security level. An example is when a minimum security inmate is placed in a low, medium, or high security level prison. This can happen for many reasons such as Population Management, Work Cadre, Greater Security, and Program Participation to name just a few. Jail Time Consulting will apply for a waiver or permanent removal of Management Variables to allow the inmate to be housed in his proper security level prison. It may also result in the inmate being closer to home, in a better medical facility, or closer to his release residence, but mainly in a safe, secure facility that he needs to and should be in.

A Public Safety Factor (RSF) is a term and process the Bureau of Prisons uses to place on an inmate additional security measures which always results in the inmate being placed in a higher security institution. The PSF can be due to the BOP stating you have committed a Greater Severity Offense, or you are a sex offender, or you have violent behavior, or they may claim you have committed serious telephone abuse, or a multitude of other items. An inmate with a PSF will always be placed at least one security level higher than he is scored for and maybe more. Jail Time Consulting will review your Custody Classification Form and work to have unfair and unwarranted Public Safety Factors removed. This will certainly allow you to be transferred to a facility that is commensurate with your security level and certainly lower than the one you are currently in.

Modification of or Early Termination of Supervised Release

What are my chances of getting off Supervised Release early?
Actually, your chances are good, if certain conditions are met. According to federal statue, all offenders are eligible for early release after one year of supervision. However, it comes down to the decision of the sentencing judge.

There are some federal judges that will not grant early release if a significant downward departure was given at the time of sentencing. Others may not care. Some judges will not consider it until you have reached 1/2 to 2/3 of the term of your supervised release sentence. Others will allow early release after only one year. If you have a fine or restitution due, some districts will not consider you for early termination as long as you have any outstanding debt to the court. Other districts will grant an early termination, if payments have been made as ordered during the period of supervision. If you have an unpaid fine or restitution, you need to know which districts do and which districts do not. We will assist you with this and the complete process.

A request for early release is generated by a motion to the court. We talk to your probation officer, we examine your role in the offense, the nature and severity of your offense, and your criminal history. We review your compliance while you are under supervision, and what you have done since being released from prison. We check to see it anyone, including your AUSA, objects to your early release. Then we draft and file a motion for you for a Termination of Supervised Release. This process, although it may take a little while, can be exceptionally rewarding for you and your family. Being released finally from the grasps of the government is beyond understanding!

Modification of or Early Termination of Supervised Release

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