Pre-Sentence Investigation & Report

The PSI/PSR is the most dominant & definitive document used by the Court in determining the length of a defendant’s sentence

The Pre-Sentence Investigation Interview (PSI) and the subsequent Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSR) are vitally important with respect to all four BOP sentence reduction programs, which federal prison you will go to, your security and custody level, your ability to self-surrender, your ability to get furloughs, your work assignments, bunk assignments, restitution issues, perks and upgrades, halfway house and home detention placement, and any other BOP programs you may be eligible for. The importance of the PSI cannot be overstated. It follows the defendant throughout his whole period of federal prison incarceration.

The Pre-Sentence Investigation Interview, which determines in a large part, the Pre-Sentence Report, is the single most important interview that most defendants will ever participate in. This is one interview you do not want to screw up!


Pre-Sentence Investigation & Report

Jail Time Consulting is an expert on BOP policies and programs and is tasked with positioning our clients with the best possible net federal prison sentence.

The net sentence is the actual time you spend in prison. It is the total sentence your judge gives you minus the time you get off in one or more of the four sentence reduction programs we get you into, i.e., the RDAP program, Second Chance Act Program, Compassionate Release Program, or Commutation of Sentence Program.

The PSI must be done correctly, completely, and accurately

The PSI must be done correctly, completely, and accurately

There will be items placed in the PSR that will negatively affect you in program eligibility once you are incarcerated. Your attorney may not know what these items are. He may not look for them. We know what they are and we do look for them. We want you to get into these sentence reduction programs!

We provide these negative items to both you and your attorney and he will file our objections along with his own to the Probation Officer asking to remove or correct them. Remember, the Probation Officer who authors your PSI, works for the prosecutor, you know, the guy who wants to put you in prison. PSI is often slanted against you, the defendant. You need a professional’s help in making the playing field level. Jail Time Consulting is that professional. We provide effective client counseling and positioning prior to the Pre-Sentencing Interview. You know what to say and what not to say. This results in significant benefits to you and a lower net federal prison sentence.

Jail Time Consulting prepares our clients for this all important interview. We know what will be asked and we prepare our clients for those questions. The information that is given to the U.S. Probation Officer must be complete, truthful, and factual. Knowing in advance the questions you will be asked allows you to prepare complete, truthful, and factual answers. There are no surprises.

You need to know what to say and what not to say.

There are specific words and phrases that will eliminate you from the RDAP drug program and/or the Second Chance Act program. You need to know what they are. You need to know what to say and what not to say. We totally prepare you for this. The Probation Officer will also look up and include any previous criminal history, DUI’s, and even speeding tickets.

He will investigate family relationships by talking to your sons, daughters, spouse, and your parents. He will review relationships with therapists, clergy, professional and financial associates, and friends. He will ask for current financial information including all assets, bank and savings accounts, brokerage accounts, property owned, cars driven, IRA’s, 401-K’s, business ownership information, and business partners among other things. You need to know what to say and be prepared. We make you prepared!

Jail Time Consulting thoroughly prepares you for this interview. We leave nothing to chance, ask our current and previous clients.

Our timely preparation coupled with the Reports we furnish you is instrumental in providing accurate and complete information to our clients in preparation for this very important interview. In addition, the client should never go to the Pre-Sentence Investigation Interview alone, your attorney MUST be present.

Armed with this knowledge about the PSI interview and the invaluable information we give to you as well as the one on one time we work with you on the PSI interview,  will result in a successful Presentence Investigation Report that will benefit you by serving less time in prison.

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