The Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) and the subsequent Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSR) is without a doubt the most dominant and definitive document used by the Court in determining a defendant’s federal prison sentence. The PSI is the defendant’s Bible. It is his life history as seen through the eyes of the probation officer authoring the report.

The PSI is vitally important concerning BOP federal prison designation, security level, custody level, work assignments, and much more. These are the very issues that each federal defendant must be vitally concerned about. The importance of the PSI cannot be overstated. It follows the defendant throughout his whole period of federal prison incarceration.

So, What Exactly Is the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report?

The Pre-Sentence Investigation Report is written by a Probation Officer working for the Federal Government. The PSI is often slanted against the defendant in favor of the government and the prosecution. It is not only the obligation of the defendant and his attorney to make sure that any mistakes are corrected; it is their duty. Remember, the Probation Officer works for the Government, not you!

Here’s the Problem

Unfortunately, many attorneys do not take the time and provide the scrutiny necessary to correct a defendant’s PSI fully or know what needs to be in the PSI or kept out of the PSI for eligibility for one or more of the five BOP Sentence Reduction Programs. This may have far-reaching undesirable effects on the defendant’s length of sentence, sentence reduction programs he/she can get into and so many other factors that an inmate faces every day in federal prison.

Here’s the Solution

Hire Someone You Can Trust

The solution to this dilemma is for the defendant to hire someone who is very knowledgeable in Federal Prison issues, programs, policies, procedures, and who has actually experienced life in federal prison. The defendant should hire someone who has actually gone through the whole process. This is someone who knows the “ins” and “outs” of the federal prison system. The solution is to hire a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable Federal Prison Consultant. A competent Federal Prison Consultant will prepare the defendant for the all-important Pre-Sentencing Investigation Interview and review the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report when completed. He then can file objections to any issues or items that may hinder the defendant in getting into these sentence reduction programs, such as the RDAP Drug/Alcohol Program, the Second Chance Act Program, the First Step Act Program or the Commutation of Sentence or Compassionate Release Programs.

Do Your Research

The defendant must be knowledgeable, honest, have complete control of the facts, and not leave out any required information. The Probation Officer will ask for personal family history, medical history, mental health history, substance abuse history, educational history, work history, financial history, as well as other important items.

Get In Touch With Someone Who Can Help

Life in a federal prison is hard enough. There is no reason to make it harder by allowing an inaccurate, incomplete, biased, and slanted Pre-Sentence Investigation Report to be submitted to the Sentencing Judge and the Bureau of Prisons. It follows you around for life. Hire a Consultant you can trust and knows exactly what to do. That Consultant is Jail Time Consulting, JTC. JTC has the consultants, the experience, the manpower, the knowledge to assist you in all of the over 40 programs it offers for Federal defendants and inmates. Call them today, 954-740-2253. Why risk your future?

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