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Jail Time Special Prison Reports

Jail Time Special Prison Reports

In addition to writing Jail Time, the book, I have published 35 timely reports called Jail Time Special Prison Reports©. These reports are written about all facets of prison life and on those subjects that defendants and their families must know about when preparing for and going into federal prison. These are critical and essential reports that deal with every aspect of prison an incoming defendant and his/her family needs to know. They are presented in an easy to read format and are generally between 20 to 40 pages long.

These reports are relevant not only to new incoming defendants and inmates already sentenced to prison, but also to the general public. These Jail Time Special Prison Reports© are available on a diverse range of subjects that affect the inmate and his family almost every day. They deal with immediate issues such as inmate telephone usage, inmate mail, e-mail, and inmate visits. Complete instructions and helpful hints are provided to ensure that the inmate is set up for these privileges immediately upon incarceration and not delayed days, weeks, or months. The reader is told what to do before he arrives at prison to avoid any bureaucratic BOP pitfalls. Other topics deal with inmate perks and upgrades, good conduct time, facility designation, sentence reduction programs, furloughs, inmate medical care, snitches and rats, commutation of sentence, compassionate release, inmate financial responsibility, prison’s unexpected costs and many, many more. New Jail Time Special Prison Reports© are written and developed as the need arises. Current Jail Time Special Prison Reports© are updated as BOP rules and regulations change.

Each Jail Time Special Prison Report© allows the reader to gain the knowledge and experience of all the incarcerated inmates who have already gone through this process. You gain the benefit of their experiences. Review the topics available and click on the report title to read a synopsis of each Jail Time Special Prison Report©. All Jail Time Special Prison Reports© are $9.95 each.

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