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JT Special Prison Report 1:
Criminal Prosecution Process

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Criminal Prosecution Process: Know what you are facing!


Criminal Prosecution Process: Know what you are facing!

A JAIL TIME Special Prison Report© enlightening the reader to the events which occur in the criminal prosecution process. It exposes the truth behind the actions of the Department of Justice officials and lends valuable insight into the methods and tactics federal prosecutors employ to get their all-important pound of flesh and criminal convictions. This report illustrates the various unethical and deceitful practices the Department of Justice investigators and Assistant United States Attorneys use to boost their conviction rates. All elements of the criminal prosecution process are explained commencing with the initial investigation and complaint. The grand jury, indictment, arraignment, plea agreement, trial, sentencing, and appeal are included among other topics. Intimidation, threats, inflammatory statements, coercion, and the unethical use of the media all play a major role in increasing the all-important conviction rate, at the expense of justice. Why does this happen? How can we allow it to happen? The reason is simple; no one really knows what actually occurs unless they are one of the individuals being prosecuted. Inmates in federal prison will tell many stories about how corrupt, unscrupulous, and unethical the criminal prosecution process is. Isn’t it time you know? A startling and shocking expose of what all defendants facing this process can expect.

1 review for JT Special Prison Report 1:
Criminal Prosecution Process

  1. John

    This was amazing! I had no idea that all these things went on. How unfair! A real eye opener

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