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JT Special Prison Report 16:
Inmate Allowed Publications


Inmate Allowed Publications: How we lost our First Amendment Rights!


Inmate Allowed Publications: How we lost our First Amendment Rights!

A JT Special Prison Report which reviews the B.O.P. Program Statement establishing which publications the inmate may receive in prison. This JT Special Prison Report deals with books (both hardcover and paperback), magazines, newspapers, periodicals, and other publications. It specifies those types of publications that are considered contraband and are rejected. It also lists those publications commonly allowed. It explores the process and rationale behind the inmate’s loss of his First Amendment Rights. It provides a listing of some of the more common publications inmates receive and who is and is not permitted to send books, newspapers, and magazines to the inmate. It details how the publications must be packaged and what mailing services can and cannot be used. This report informs the family of the inmate on the process involved in sending books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications to the inmate.

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