JT Special Prison Report 19:
Administrative Remedy Program


Administrative Remedy Program: The inmate appeal process!


Administrative Remedy Program: The inmate appeal process!

A JT Special Prison Report clarifying and explaining in layman’s terms the step by step process that federal prison inmates must follow when seeking formal review of any aspect of his or her own federal prison confinement. The Administrative Remedy Program is a BOP program which allows inmates to request reconsideration of staff decisions including incident reports, visiting list denials, telephone sanctions, denials of social furloughs, denials of transfer requests or any violations by Bureau of Prison staff of BOP Program Statements, policies, and procedures. Whether it is an appeal against an individual Correctional Counselor or the Warden of the federal prison you are incarcerated in, you have a legal right to appeal any unfavorable decision through the Administrative Remedy Program. This JT Special Prison Report contains all the information necessary for the inmate to prepare an Administrative Remedy Appeal.

JT Consulting has firsthand knowledge, expertise, and experience in preparing Administrative Remedy Requests for all federal prison inmates. We also provide our clients with assistance in preparing all levels of Administrative Remedy Requests or we will prepare the Administrative Remedy Request for the client.