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JT Special Prison Report 20:
Inmate Intake Screening


Inmate Intake Screening: Welcome to the jungle!


Inmate Intake Screening: Welcome to the jungle!

A JT Special Prison Report exploring a Federal Bureau of Prisons’ process that occurs at least once during every inmate’s period of incarceration and unfortunately, may happen multiple times during his period of federal prison confinement. It is a boring, protracted, and arduous process which may negatively impact the inmate if not completed competently and correctly. Imprecise completion by the inmate of any of the many intake screening forms may result in the inmate’s immediate incarceration in the Special Housing Unit, a.k.a., SHU or HOLE. It can also result in his loss of telephone privileges, mail privileges, and funds being placed in his commissary account. This JT Prison Special Report makes available all the Intake Screening Forms and educates the inmate in the content of these forms as well as the proper completion of these intake screening forms. It presents a comprehensive overview of the Intake Screening Process including interviews, timeframe, inmate housing, definitions, proper form completion, and all other aspects of the Inmate Intake Screening Process. It also lists the two most notorious facilities in the Bureau of Prisons system for the long, grueling Intake Screening Process.

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