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JT Special Prison Report 27:
Inmate Institutionalization


Inmate Institutionalization: It’s a Whole New World-Beware!


Inmate Institutionalization: It’s a Whole New World-Beware!

A JT Special Prison Report© focusing on a specific type of long term federal inmate, the institutionalized inmate, and his impact on newly incarcerated defendants initially entering the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ system. This report highlights the unusual and sometimes bizarre behavior elicited by an institutionalized inmate and his transformation from a seemingly normal existence in the outside world to the strange, uncanny, and irrational behavior he exhibits in federal prison. This report explores the abnormal and disturbing behavior patterns and actions of these inmates. How does an inmate become institutionalized? How will a new incoming inmate deal with these individuals? What if a new inmate is placed in the same cell with an institutionalized inmate? What will his living arrangements be like? This report gives actual examples of institutionalized behavior both in the cells and in the federal prison compound in general. It instructs the newly entering prisoner on what to expect from these inmates and how to deal with their weird and wacky conduct. At some point every new inmate will encounter an institutionalized inmate with these characteristics. This report is a humorous but factual account of life in federal prison.

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