JT Special Prison Report 3:
Inmate Mail


Inmate Mail: Get mail immediately, steps to take before arriving at federal prison!


A JT Special Report which explains to the new incoming inmate the Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) rules and regulations on mail. It categorizes what mail you can receive and what mail, magazines, circulars, postcards, and packages you can’t receive. It provides an overview of the total Bureau of Prisons’ program on mail and correspondence paying particular attention to contraband, security, incoming and outgoing mail, inmate packages, special legal mail, mail call, and the sanctions and penalties associated with violations of these rules. There is also a section on the new inmate TRULINCS e-mail program that is being instituted in BOP facilities.

There are few things that an inmate looks forward to more than mail call. The joy of receiving a letter from your wife or family can’t be minimized. Unfortunately, many times mail and packages are rejected and returned to the sender because of violations of BOP policies, procedures or the institution’s local rules. Knowing the rules and regulations in advance will prevent headaches and heartaches in the end. Also, this report lists those specific things a defendant must do prior to arriving in federal prison to ensure mail service immediately upon his or her arrival.


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