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JT Special Prison Report 33:
A Legal Visit Nightmare


A Legal Visit Nightmare: What, it’s my fault!


A Legal Visit Nightmare: What, it’s my fault!

A JT Special Prison Report which presents the ludicrous and outrageous story of an inmate’s attempt to get a simple authorization for an Attorney/Inmate Legal Visit. This seemingly easy, uncomplicated, and straightforward task took on a life of its own involving several BOP staff members, Lieutenants, and the Duty Officer in Charge of the whole federal prison. The inmate’s frustrating efforts to meet with his Unit Manager to secure this authorization are described. This narrative starts with the initial attempt of the inmate to secure an authorization for the Attorney/Inmate legal visit and continues to the initial denial of the legal visit for both the attorney and the inmate as they enter the visiting room. Finally, many hours after the visit was initially scheduled to take place, the truth comes out and the inmate meets with his attorney. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop here, apparently BOP feelings are hurt and a BOP staff member takes out his anger on the inmate. Remember, the BOP is never wrong! An enlightening story of what actually occurs in federal prison.

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