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JT Special Prison Report 35:
Inmate Stories—Part 3


Inmate Stories: Fact is stranger than fiction…Part 3!


Inmate Stories: Fact is stranger than fiction…Part 3!

A JT Special Prison Report consisting of a collection of six short stories by various inmates in federal prison. This is the third installment in our short story reports. These stories cover a variety of topics that encompass a range of inmate feelings as well as actual events these inmates took part of or witnessed. Some are humorous, some are sad, some unusual, some disturbing, and some downright weird, but all are true. These stories give the reader an insight into the day-to-day life of an inmate in federal prison. Many of the stories also expose faults, flaws, and defects in certain federal prisons and provide a clear picture of the staff charged with running them. These faults and flaws should be brought to the attention of the general public. If the taxpayers are spending billions of their hard earned dollars every year to support a bureaucratic governmental system such as the Bureau of Prisons, they should know how their money is spent and what they are getting for their hard earned dollars. Is their money being spent wisely? Is it being spent properly and legally? These stories provide some of the answers.

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