JT Special Prison Report 5:
Inmate Telephone Use


Inmate Telephone Use: What you need to know before entering federal prison!


Inmate Telephone Use: What you need to know before entering federal prison!

A JT Special Prison Report which informs the reader about the telephone regulations at federal prisons and the rules, regulations, and procedures that an inmate must follow to use the federal prison inmate telephone system.

One of the most important privileges for a new inmate or any federal prison inmate is the ability to use the telephone to call a spouse or family member. A telephone call to a spouse, child, or family member means everything to an inmate. It is one of the first things the inmate wants to do upon arrival at federal prison. There are certain steps that must be done prior to arriving at federal prison, certain documentation that must be gathered, and certain forms that must be filled out before that first telephone call is possible. Most of this can be done prior to arriving at federal prison. The telephone system in federal prisons is very difficult and frustrating for the inmate to use. The telephone procedures and the rules inmates have to follow make it even more difficult. Any violation of these rules may result in disciplinary sanctions and loss of telephone privileges.

This JT Special Prison Report educates the reader as to those rules and regulations. It informs the reader as to proper calling times, length of calls, minutes per month, cost of calls, inmate telephone courtesy, hours of operation, collect call procedures, telephone call monitoring, and the sanctions that will occur for violations of the rules.


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