JT Special Prison Report 6:
Inmate Furloughs


Inmate Furloughs: Want a week-end visit at home with your family?


Inmate Furloughs: Want a week-end visit at home with your family?

A JT Special Prison Report describing and explaining the Bureau of Prisons furlough program. This program is intended to help the federal prison inmate attain his or her correctional goals. A furlough is not a right but a privilege granted a federal prison inmate under prescribed conditions. It is not a reward for good behavior, or a means to shorten a criminal sentence. A furlough is defined as “an authorized absence from a federal prison by an inmate who is not under escort of a staff member, U.S. Marshal, or state or federal agents”. There are four main types of furloughs. The most common type of furlough is the Social Furlough. A Social Furlough can either be a Day Furlough or an Overnight Furlough. The Day Furlough is a furlough within the geographic limits of the commuting area of the federal prison (approximately a 100-mile radius), which lasts 16 hours or less and ends before midnight. The second type of social furlough is an Overnight Furlough and can last up to seven (7) days. Normally, Overnight Furloughs are classified as three day furloughs or five day furloughs. In both cases the inmate may be picked up by his family and travel unescorted to his home. He may remain at his home with his family the length of his furlough stay.

This JT Special Prison Report explains, informs, and educates the reader on the BOP furlough policy as well as the eligibility requirements, custody and security requirements, and reasons for furlough justification, furlough conditions, required documentation and paperwork, and inmate return policy. JT Consulting is an expert at preparing applications and documentation for federal prison social furloughs.


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