JT Special Report 7:
Snitches and Rats


Snitches and Rats: Watch your back!


Snitches and Rats: Watch your back!

A JT Special Prison Report© exploring the federal government snitch and rat programs that are effectively used to gain an increase in both federal conviction percentage rates and the number of federal convictions. The 5K1.1 Departure and Rule 35 are two statutes that the Department of Justice and federal prosecutors use effectively as programs to enhance their number of convictions. Are these programs ethical? Does the stranglehold by the prosecutor over the rat or snitch make his testimony under oath truthful or not? Does the prosecutor care if it is truthful or not? Knowing he will get a reduced sentence to say whatever it takes to convict the defendant, will the rat be honest, truthful and factual?

This report also delves into the seedy world of prison life and cautions and advises the new inmate to watch what he says, what he does and who he talks to both before and after he arrives at his designated prison. Actual cases are cited which will assist the new inmate as to what he may expect upon arrival at his designated prison facility.


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