JT Special Prison Report 9:
Attorney/Inmate Telephone Calls


Attorney/Inmate Telephone Calls: It’s your right!


Attorney/Inmate Telephone Calls: It’s your right!

A JT Special Report© which explores the methods of Attorney/Inmate communication, especially the Attorney/Inmate Legal Call. Attorney/Inmate communication is very important for ongoing cases, appeals and other legal matters. Why do some federal institutions make legal calls so difficult?This JT Special Prison Report© delves into the Bureau of Prisons’ Program Statement authorizing attorney/inmate legal calls and presents actual case histories depicting real situations which occurred at different B.O.P. institutions. Are legal calls a privilege or an inmate right? Are there frequency limitations on legal calls? Are supposedly unmonitored legal calls really unmonitored? This revealing report presents the facts in a no-holds barred approach. Learn the proper procedure and techniques in setting up a successful attorney/inmate legal call. Know how to set up successful legal calls despite the B.O.P. Read about the unbelievable actions of some B.O.P. staff members in trying to prevent them.


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