RDAP Drug & Alcohol Program

Our team of RDAP Experts can help you prepare and get accepted into this coveted program. With a potential for 18 months off of your sentence, you cannot leave this up to chance.

Your attorney left you the day of your sentencing; you have no one to talk to, no one to help you. All those details you thought you paid your attorney to take care of you find out were not taken care of at all. He said you would get into the RDAP Program, but now you learn you are not eligible—you just don’t meet the criteria. You are desperate and caught in this horrifying situation. The eighteen months off your prison sentence you thought you were going to get you will not get.

Don’t let this happen to you. Our Experts will prepare you for the RDAP

Do not wait until after your PSI interview. Do not wait until after sentencing or after you're in federal prison. Call us today. We'll prepare you for the road ahead and your RDAP placement.

We have inmates call and email us all the time. They always say, “If I only knew about you before I got here things would be so different,” or “I wish I had called you before, but can you help me now?” The good news is that you do know about us now and you have the opportunity to make the right choice. That right choice is calling us now so you will meet the criteria for the RDAP Program and get the RDAP sentence reduction and get home to your family up to 18 months sooner.



We'll help you take the proper steps to qualify:

PSI Interview Preparation

Review and Know the Eligibility Criteria

Let us find Collateral Documentation

Expert assistance to our clients.

Expert assistance to our clients for their successful admission and participation


Since the RDAP program is so competitive and in such high demand, our staff diligently reviews the client’s personal and family history in respect to substance abuse, both drug and alcohol.

We know the exact criteria that the Bureau of Prisons’ drug abuse specialist is looking for as to eligibility requirements. We know the key criteria contained in the BOP’s RDAP Program changes which occurred recently. We also know the anticipated changes that are currently being discussed and reviewed. We are able to position our clients for the all-important Bureau of Prisons’ Residential Treatment Eligibility Interview and prepare for each client the Residential Treatment Eligibility Interview Report©. This report provides everything you need to know about this entire interview. Successful completion of this interview will gain you admission into the RDAP program. Do you really want to take a chance with the wrong prison consultant? If my life and future were on the line, I wouldn’t!

Our staff, by advising you in these important and decisive areas, and knowing the questions you will be asked by the RDAP Coordinator in the all-important RDAP Eligibility Interview, can all but assure you of a successful RDAP interview and placement into the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, RDAP. But you must act now, do not wait until it is too late. Do not be the inmate who calls from prison and says, “I only wish I had called you before.” Call now.

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