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Second Chance Act-Reducing Recidivism Rates and Reducing Time in Prison!

March 30, 2016

The Second Chance Act is not only a viable sentence reduction program but also reduces recidivism. A recent report issued by the United States Sentencing Commission on March 9, 2016, included a comprehensive segment on the rate of recidivism among federal inmates being released from prison. The report concentrated on those federal inmates who were released starting in 2005 and that were rearrested within an eight-year period, the end of 2013. This included any new crime committed or a violation of their period of Supervised Release. Recidivism, in this report, is defined as any re-arrest for a new crime committed by the released inmate or any revocation of their period of Supervised Release within three (3) years of their release from federal prison.

Prior to this report, the rate of recidivism was at 67.8%. This means prior to this period of time starting in 2005, 67.8 percent of all inmates who were released from federal prison, committed a new crime or had their Supervised Release revoked due to a violation of their Conditions of Supervised Release. All went back to prison.

The good news is that during the time of this report, only 33.7% of all inmates being released from federal prison committed a new crime or had their Supervised Release revoked due to a violation of their Conditions of Supervised Release. This is a huge drop from 67.8% to 33.7%.

We attribute this decline in the rate of recidivism to the success of the Second Chance Act Program which is not only a federal law but also one of the four sentence reduction programs offered by the Bureau of Prisons, BOP, to help inmates be released from prison sooner and also reduce the rate of recidivism.

The Second Chance Act (SCA) allows an eligible inmate up to 12 months of halfway house, part of which may be spent in home detention. Jail Time Consulting LLC has an exceptional program to assist eligible inmates in receiving this sentence reduction and also helping them not to recidivate. Call 954-522-2254 to see if you or a loved one is eligible for this Bureau of Prisons Sentence Reduction Program.

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