Emails From the Family of a Client Who We Just Got Released on Compassionate Release:


"(July 24) He is OUT! He is taking a flight home today. Thank you again for all your help in doing a successful Compassionate Release. He was only in prison less than one month, wow, this was a Godsend!

"(July 25) Yes. We are happy, but still on pins and needles about the next steps. This has been a difficult time for us, as you know. Thank you again! I just can't thank your team enough. You guys have been very compassionate when our world has been very dark.

"(July 27) Thank you! You have been wonderful! I guess this experience has shown me a bit more where parents come from when they have an advocate for their kid. The education system is slightly better than prison. Ha!

"(July 29) We are happy he is home by the way. I am amazed, happy, and confused about the success of the Compassion Release and now he can have some sort of life. Nothing is harder to hear than having 6 months (or hopefully more) to live. I want my dad to be able to do things and enjoy what time he has left. So yes, we are glad he is home, but I want more for him.

"(August 8) Michael, he needs to work. He needs to be able to go to church. He needs to be able to exercise. And I would like him and my mom to go to therapy. I am also in full support of the Judge's desire to have him do community service. She said 50 hours. I would like to see him do more to work off his debt to society.

"Stay with us Michael, we need you!"

— J. D., (Indiana) July 2019

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"To All Jail Time Staff,

Thank you again with the Cares Act and getting James out of prison. It means so much to the whole family. He is safe and sound and with us all. I will recommend you to everyone, you never gave up, you kept fighting, and he is home. Thank you to Michael and the Jail Time Team.”

Mary and Robert (Texas) April 2020

“Hello Jail Time,

I cannot express enough my sincere thanks for your help with our son. We would have surely died in prison with that horrible disease. The prison did nothing to help him or other inmates and you got him home where he is safe.
Thank you from our whole family. We will never forget your help.”

Ruby (New York) April 2020

"Dear Michael,

"I just want to touch bases with you on a couple of things. At the moment, I would like to thank you for your time, hard work, dedication, and your expertise on my behalf. I honestly feel that after reading the Pro Se Motion and other documents, that you and your team are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for your help on the Second Chance Act Program and the First Step Act Program."

Cody P., (Missouri) July 2019

"Jail Time Consulting,

We appreciate all you have done to help Barry while he was in prison. The RDAP program helped him as did the Second Chance act program. He is a better person for it. He promised us to stay away from those things that got him in trouble the first time. He has definitely changed. We will be in touch as soon as home detention is over to help him get off Supervised Release. Thank you again,"

Carol (Washington) February 2020

“Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for helping us with our Mom’s case. It is great to have her back! We appreciate everything you’ve helped us with and all your guidance during this time. If we come across anyone going through a similar situation, we’ll be sure to recommend your services and share our experience with your team. Thank you for helping mom get out of prison with the Emergency Release Covid-19 Program!"


-Jack (California) May 2020

"Jail Time Consulting,

"You have no idea how grateful we are that we contacted you. You certainly helped Jerome and our whole family. We were desperate and did not know where to call. Thank the Lord we got your number from another family who had a son in a Virginia prison. You got Jerome transferred to where he needed to go, and you also got him out of the Virginia DOC early! What a bonus. You did everything you said you would do and more. Thanks, again from the whole family."

Joshua, (Virginia) July 2019


"Thank you for the help we received with Jonathan’s case. We had no idea what to do and you handled everything. We appreciate your help with our attorney and keeping us involved and knowledgeable during his case and sentencing. The attorney would never call us back or let us know what was going on. You did. You helped us through the Presentence Interview with all those questions and forms.  It paid off as Jonathan is now in the drug and alcohol program and his release date just changed. It is one year less, wow, were we thrilled. Thanks again Jail Time! We will recommend you to everyone."

Richard, (California) June 2019


"You assisted us in getting Rafael placed in a safe prison in the Virginia DOC. He was very upset, nervous, and scared about this whole prison business. He felt better just after your talks with him and letting him know what was going to happen. We all appreciate that. Now we want to move on and see about getting his time in prison reduced to the lowest possible time. Thanks for everything you have done so far, and we look forward to working with you in the future. You come highly recommended."

Joaquin G., (Virginia) June 2019

"Mr. Frantz,

"Your staff was always there when we needed them. They always answered our questions and got back to us if we had a question they could not answer. Dad is scheduled to be released from New York next month. You helped us greatly and we want to thank you for everything. We cannot wait till he comes home. Thanks again."

Lucy, (New York, N.Y.) May 2019

"Thanks to JailTime,

"Jailtime Consulting has been very helpful. We had no knowledge of navigating through the DOC/prison system. Mr. F. and his team is guiding us through this complicated process and is a support to answer questions. They have responded to all questions very timely. They are professional and empathetic. I am thankful for their service and support as we continue through this process. I wish everyone could have access to such a knowledgeable and honest consulting team. Thank you so much."

Melissa, (Georgia) April 2019


"Jailtime Consulting saved my life literally. I was in a situation where I was a single parent and I was facing 24 months of federal prison time. I found Michael and his team and they went to work on my behalf. Before I left for prison, Michael worked with me and taught me the things that I needed to know upon entering the Federal Prison System. While I was in prison, Michael stayed in contact with me and coached me the entire way. With hard work from me as well as from the Jailtime Consulting Team, I was released after 363 days!!! Wow!!! Everything that Michael told me would happen did! I am so grateful to Michael and his team!"

Leah, (North Carolina) March 2019


"You and Robin and Trini have helped us through many a rough situation with the 'system'. In this long haul, it is nice to have someone on your side when you think all the cards are stacked against you and your loved one. I would highly recommend Jail Time Consulting. They will stand by you and the fees won't the brake the bank."

Pam, (Kentucky) February 2019

"Jail Time,

"Jail Time Consulting helped me with one of my family members in the federal system. Michael worked with me for over a year and filed paperwork that got my family member get released early, against ALL odds. Before getting released, he helped me get her out of a max/med facility and transferred to a camp. He cautioned me about the realities and odds of both of these events happening but with their expertise and moral support, we beat the odds. Unlike attorneys, they know the system inside and out which makes their services worth every penny. I highly recommend Jail Time Consulting for help with the Second Chance Act and the RDAP and any other filings needed. My family member is now home with her children and working a full-time job all within 2 weeks of being released from camp. Thank you, Michael and the rest of the team, at JTC!"

Susan, (Texas) January 2019

"Hey guys,

"Your help was fantastic! When my daughter’s halfway house was cut down from ten (10) months to four (4) months you really stepped in and fought for her and the whole family.  Who knows why they did it but, they did it. You got it back and that is the main point! They lied to us and her case manager told a different story every time she talked to Margaret. She always passed the buck to someone else but now that is all over. With your great help, Margaret is now in the Halfway House and is coming home in one week. Thank you again,"

William, (Wisconsin) December 2018

"Mike, Robin, and the Crew,

"I would like to commend Jail Time Consulting for their great help and assistance in getting my son into the RDAP Program and also the Second Chance Act Sentence Reduction Program. Due to their help, my son has taken a program that will help him with his alcohol problem and also allow him to leave prison 24 months early. The staff at Jail Time answered every question we asked, and we asked a lot, and were there for us every time we needed help, advice, and just a friendly ear. I highly recommend Jail Time Consulting to anyone who is going to prison or in prison. God Bless them!"

Jackson, (Michigan) November 2018

"Mr. Frantz,

"Thank you for all your knowledge, kindness, patience, and superb RDAP knowledge. You did it—you got Timmy in. Our whole family are so happy with your service and timely responses to all our questions and fears. Your fees are reasonable and you do what you say you would do. You were there when we needed you and you always took our calls and answered our emails and Timmy’s letters. Thanks, again and we look forward to your help in reducing Timmy’s supervised release."

Rick J., (Ohio) May 2018

"Michael, we appreciate your help with the PSI interview for Jack. All those questions and forms were beyond what his father and I could do. Your advice and comments were great and Jack really appreciates it and we are now looking forward to the Drug Program and getting Jack some much-needed help and the time off his sentence. Thanks again."

Marlene D., (Florida) April 2018

"Michael and Jail Time staff,

"Thank you for sending your book to us. It is the best thing we purchased in a long, long time. Thank you also for getting David in Milan, Michigan. It is only an hour away from our home. We will do everything you say because we want the most halfway house time possible via the Second Chance Act. David looks forward to your assistance when he gets to Milan. Thanks."

Johnny J., (Michigan) March 2018

"Jail Time,

"You guys really helped Sheila. They cut her halfway house down to 4 months and you got it back for her. She left for the halfway house today! Help me get her home as soon as you can. I need her and so do the kids. Thank you again and again!!"

Larry F., (Colorado) January 2018

"Michael and Robin,

"Thanks for the great help with and telling us about the Second Chance Act and your skillful summary on the application. It was true, current, and all-encompassing! The staff in here are horrible and don’t help you with anything. God bless you, Mr. Frantz and crew. I will tell as many inmates as I can about your great services! You certainly helped me."

Marty R., (California) December 2017


"I wanted to take the time to tell you how happy I am. I know I was a huge pain with all the questions and doubts and problems but I am so happy now. Even though I was disbarred and can never practice law again, you helped me get through this nightmare and helped me get into the RDAP Drug Program and the time off incentive and the 6 months halfway house and ANOTHER 6 months of halfway house/home detention via the Second Chance Act. I literally spent 10.5 months in prison on a 36-month sentence. I was the worst 10.5 months of my life but I could have been there 36 months. I am home living with my mother now and looking for work. If I can ever do anything for you or Jail Time Consulting, let me know, I certainly will."

Kristi B., (Indiana) November 2017

"Hi Michael,

"Here is the latest. After administrative nightmares here in Loretto Federal Correctional Camp, a change in the institutions only psychologist, and numerous other "wonderful" events, I am happy to report that I have been accepted to the RDAP program and I am being furloughed transferred to Morgantown, WV soon. Thank you for all your help. You were amazing! Quite a difficult and stressful process, but I now look forward to the next phase. Thank you for your time and energy in the past and I look forward to working with you on the Second Chance Act."

R. F., (Ohio) September 2017


"I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything! Not only were you guys very helpful with prison-related information, I felt like whenever I felt overwhelmed I could call and get reassurance even if you guys couldn't guarantee anything you still made me feel better during the hardest time of my life. You got me into the MINT program and I think you guys are doing an amazing thing.

"Thank you guys and God Bless you and your families,"

Alexis J., (North Caroline) August 2017

"Michael, I do not know what we would have done without you. You know what we have been through. You changed my husband’s designation from Ohio to Florida which I did not think it was possible and then you cut his time in prison in half. You gave great advice and you did what you said you would do…that is the important thing. We all appreciate your work and your passion. Thank you,"

S., (Ohio) July 2016

"Mike, I just got 8.5 months of halfway house today. I leave here on December 12, 2016. I am so pleased with that, I did not think I would get that much Halfway House time and Home Detention based on my short sentence but you were right! I did! Thanks,"

Tim, (Illinois) September 2016

"Jail Time,

"In our time of sorrow we called you. William's father had just died and we wanted William to be at the funeral. We called everyone and no one would help. You did, and William made the funeral. I cannot thank you enough. Bless you and your people. You were wonderful."

J. T., (California) May 2016

"Jail Time Consulting—Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. John just got his halfway house date. We are thrilled and blessed. John’s sentence was 38 months and he was in prison only a little over 9 months to take the RDAP program and now he is going to the Halfway House and home. Thank you for the drug program and the second chance program.  He made a mistake and paid for it in many ways as you know. You were with us all the way and we are so thankful of that. Thank you again and I am so happy I found your company.  I believe in GOD and I know He led us to you!  This happened for a reason. Thank you again!"

J., (Mississippi) July 2016

"Hello! Thank you for all of your assistance as I travel this familiar journey. I have been blessed during my stay at Carswell. I have been assisted by the great staff, officers and my unit team in so many ways. Everything is what you make it. Attitude determines altitude! Thank you for your prior preparation in assisting me in navigating the waters as I swim this ocean! I couldn't have done it without your guidance! My 413 has been approved for my re-designation to camp! I am just waiting to be re-designated by Grand Prairie. This should occur over the next couple of weeks! Prayerfully, I will go to Greenville, Illinois camp. I will keep you posted as soon as I am re-designated! Again, thank you for everything! You were/are fantastic! God Bless,"

R. J., (Illinois) June 2016

"Thank you,

"This has been a horrible experience for our whole family and you and your company made it so much better. Dealing or trying to deal with those people in Texas is horrible. They do not care about the inmates at all. You got a judicial recommendation for my husband from his judge and that made all the difference in the world. The Second Chance Act was a blessing for us. Now we can get on with our lives and have Raymond back."

C. J., (Texas) March 2016


"You did it. I just received notice that I am in RDAP. My wife is so happy and she said she called you. Please help me choose the prison for my transfer. I want to start RDAP as soon as possible. I am so glad I heard about you from some of your other clients here. They were right, you do good work and you kept my family and me totally informed. We all appreciate it. I will call you on Friday."

M. J., (Ohio) March 2016

"Jail Time Team,

"We appreciate the work you did for our mother. The transfer allowed us to see her much more often. We wrote letters to everyone and it was no good. Then we called you and you made it happen. We are eternally grateful. She says she received the Second Chance paperwork and will get it back to you promptly. Thanks for helping her get the full amount of halfway house time and bringing her home to us. We appreciate it."

R. J. and S. J., (Texas) February 2016


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your assistance was invaluable to us. Rolland, with your assistance and help, got into RDAP, graduated and got the year off his sentence. He is thrilled and looking forward to getting the Second Chance Act also and getting out of prison 24 months early. Your staff was great and they kept our whole family informed of everything. After a bad attorney, you were a God send. We appreciate all you did and are doing."

J. R., (Mississippi) January 2016

"Thank you Michael,

"I actually got accepted to RDAP. You did what you said you would do. Thank you, thank you. Now it’s just a matter of time as, they are supposed to do some kind of background on my case just to make sure I don’t have any priors that would make me ineligible. You said I am good and I believe you. I assume they will ship me out and I want you to help me get to Lompoc. You said you would and I am a total believer. The questions and help you gave me was tremendous. I could have never done it on my own. Thank you so much from my family and me.

"I will keep in touch with you and let you know how I am progressing, and I assume as I get closer, you’ll let me know more about the second chance act opportunity as I want that program and sentence reduction too. Take care,"

M. P., (Texas) September 2015

"Thank you for your kindness, understanding, patience, and your straightforward answers to the myriad of questions both my wife and I had. We both are so happy we are with you and not with you know who. His company did nothing but take our money and do nothing. Your fees were less than his and you did everything you said you would.  You were there when we needed you and you always took our calls and answered our emails the same day.

"You were the one that got us to the prison we wanted, the one closest to our home and the safest.  Your help with the Second Chance Act program was point on and resulted in a great reduction of time I was in prison. I will refer you to anyone you want, just call. Thanks, again."

Ronald S., (Michigan) August 2015

"Thanks for the super assistance with the Second Chance Act and your skillful summary on the application. It was true, current, and all-encompassing! The staff in here are horrible and don’t help you with anything. God bless you, Mr. Frantz and crew. I will tell as many inmates as I can about your great services! You certainly helped me."

Marty R., (California) July 2015


"I am so glad we called you and your company. It is the best money we have ever spent. We spent literally thousands of dollars on attorney fees and they did nothing. They wrote a few letters which did nothing. William was still in prison. We were desperate. William was not being treated fairly or getting what he deserved. I called you and you actually did what you said you would do. I will gladly recommend your company to anyone. Our family will be together soon. Thank you for what you did for us."

A. S., (Florida) June 2015

"Mr. Frantz, you got John in Miami Camp. Thank you.  Bennettsville Camp was way too far for us to travel. We would have never seen him at all. Your tireless efforts made it all possible and our whole family says thanks."

Carmen A., (Florida) June 2015

"Thanks for the superb assistance with the Second Chance Act program. I never expected to get 5 months of Halfway House time with only a sentence of a year and a day. Thank you for all your help, hard work, and patience with me. I sincerely appreciate it."

Larry F., (Colorado) May 2015

"Jail Time,

"Thank you so much for helping Eddie. He received 10 months of Halfway House time thanks to you. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but you did everything you said you would. Thank you and thank the Second Chance Act! I am a very happy mother."

Mary G., (Michigan) April 2015

"Mr. Frantz, I want to thank you guys for helping me with the Two-Level reduction for drug offenses. I just got word I was approved. Eighteen months off, thanks again."

Lenny T., (Florida) March 2015