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If you did not use Jail Time Consulting for your initial prison designation after your sentencing, you could now be thousands of miles away from your home and loved ones. This long distance limits your family visits and greatly reduces your ability to see your spouse, significant other, children, parents, and your entire family and group of friends. It also creates an enormous financial burden on your family. Now is the time to act. Call us for information on how to get transferred closer to your family. We will explain, inform, educate, and assist you in your quest to get closer to your family via a federal prison transfer. JTC is an expert on the BOP’s policy on Inmate Transfers as well as the eligibility requirements, custody and security requirements, reasons for transfer justification, required documentation, and inmate transfer initiation procedures.

We are experts in the Bureau of Prisons transfer policies and procedures as outlined in Chapter 7 of the Security Designation and Custody Classification Manual. We are also very knowledgeable in transfers for inmates in State Prisons and assist state inmates and their families in all state inmate transfers.

Transfer requests
Nearer Release Federal Prison Transfer

Nearer Release Federal Prison Transfer

A Nearer Release Transfer is a transfer for the purpose of placing an inmate closer to his family. These transfers move the inmate closer to his legal residence where his family lives or if his family has moved, closer to their new residence. If your release residence changes, JTC can assist you in completing a Change in Release Residence Form and get your new residence documented in the BOP Central File thus avoiding loss of halfway house time or home detention later.

Transfers for Program Participation, Family Furloughs, Medical, and Family Medical Emergencies

Transfers for Program Participation, Family Furloughs, Medical,
and Family Medical Emergencies

This transfer is only permitted for specialized national programs not offered at the inmate’s current facility. Those national programs include the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program, the Life Connections Program, and the Mothers and Infants Together (MINT) Program. Jail Time Consulting can assist you in getting transferred to a facility near your family that has these programs.

The BOP can place an inmate in a facility that is inconsistent (higher) than his assigned security level by use of a Management Variable. This may result in an inmate scored minimum security being placed in a low, medium, or high security level prison. This is not good for the inmate and JTC can help the inmate get into the proper security level institution and be able to take the programs he needs and wants by removing or waiving the Management Variable.

There are also other transfers that an inmate may want or need. A  Furlough Transfer allows the inmate to have his family take him to a new facility. A Hardship Transfer or Family Medical Transfer occurs when a family member is sick and dying or has passed. This furlough transfer allows his family to pick  him up and take him to see his dying family member or to attend the funeral. A Medical Transfer is used when the inmate is going to a higher or lower Medical Care Level facility. All transfers have certain requirements and criteria that the inmate must meet and JTC will provide all the required documentation for all types of transfers.


Jail Time Consulting is a specialist in assisting our clients in securing all types of Transfers including Nearer Release, Training Purposes, Program Participation, Medical, Family Medical Emergencies, and Family Furlough Transfers

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