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Restore Your Online Reputation Now

Bury Unwanted Internet Publicity for Defendants and Inmates

Let’s face it—you are going to federal prison. You’ve been through the ringer for months and sometimes years with devastating, and often times incorrect or inaccurate newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, and television news reports following you all the way. You are embarrassed, your family is embarrassed and every time you walk outside you lower your head or turn the other way so no one will recognize you.

But now all that is over—or at least you think it’s over. It seems to be until someone goes on the internet and googles your name or the name of your spouse or family member, and then the entire horrifying and appalling series of events are brought up again for everyone to see. The Internet shows no mercy, it is only a keystroke away.

Restore your online reputation.

Our New Program Includes:

Reputation Profile Audit

It identifies “negative” key words or phrases about the Client.

New Social Networking

 We create and connect profile pages for the Client on all the major social media sites.

Exact Match Domains

These allow the fastest and best match for searches about the Client.

Support and monitoring for positive image building.

Ongoing support with monthly monitoring, posting, and Positive Image Building.

We basically, in a word, bury the negative articles so no one sees them. This program is now available for all state and federal inmates and defendants.


You just do not have to live with it anymore!

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