Mothers & Infants Together (MINT)

Certain female pregnant offenders may qualify for a certain program which allows them to be with their newborn child up to 12 months in a non-prison setting.

The BOP provides female federal prison inmates with medical and social services related to pregnancy. All female inmates are medically screened for pregnancy upon admission to federal prison and are instructed to inform medical staff as soon as they suspect they are pregnant. If you are a federal defendant and you are pregnant, call us immediately, before your sentencing. It is imperative!

You may be eligible for the MINT PROGRAM. This is the Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together (MINT) program. This is an alternative, residential program for minimum security women who are pregnant at the time of sentencing. You may be permitted to be with your newborn infant for up to 12 months in a non prison, halfway house environment.


Mothers & Infants Together (MINT)

We work to maximize the time mothers bond with their babies, up to the maximum of twelve (12) months.

MINT promotes bonding and parenting skills for low-risk female inmates

MINT promotes bonding and parenting skills for low-risk female inmates

Women are eligible to enter the program if they meet certain requirements and criteria but only if they meet them. We work with the defendant, her family, her attorney, the sentencing judge, one of five MINT Program Birthing Centers, and the BOP Mint Program Coordinator. Every aspect has to be well coordinated in order for a female pregnant defendant to be accepted.  When we get her accepted to the program, she will enter the program and receive prenatal care at a cooperating hospital, give birth and bond with her baby from three to twelve months following delivery at the Birthing Center. The length of stay depends upon the Birthing Center’s policy. We always push for the full twelve (12) months.

In several MINT Program Birthing Centers, we work with the facility to help arrange a medical card (Medicaid) and food stamps for the infant if the child is born in or moves residence to that state. The mother is provided from three to twelve months to bond with the newborn child before returning to her federal prison to complete her sentence. In select MINT programs, the inmate, if qualified, may stay for an additional period of bonding with the child. Certain institutions will allow that period of bonding for up to twelve (12) months. The key is to contact us as soon as you know you are pregnant and hopefully before sentencing.

While in the MINT program the inmate may participate in pre-natal programs which include childbirth, parenting, and coping skills classes.

The program was designed to help incoming pregnant female offenders. The focus of this program is to encourage positive interaction and bonding between the mother and child in a highly structured environment.

There are only five (5) Birthing Centers (MINT Facilities) in the United States. The inmate may stay from three (3) months to twelve (12) months depending upon the facility. We always try placing the inmate in the facilities that have a 12-month placement.

Our goal is to get the mother in the facility which best suits for the care of the infant and mother.

That facility is the 12-month facility. We provide all the information necessary to the defendant/inmate and her attorney, and we make contact with the birthing center, the BOP MINT Coordinator, check bed space, contact the sentencing judge, and/or DSCC, and organize a complete package for MINT program acceptance and designation. It is a complete turn-key process.

Everything is in the package the client needs. The JTC MINT package is a total package that prepares clients for the MINT program and secures admission to the Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together (MINT) Program.

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