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IADA Detainer Program

"Interstate Agreement on Detainers Act"
for State or Federal inmates

If you do not get your other state or federal charges resolved—you will not be allowed sentence reduction programs, halfway house, or home detention.

Whenever a state or federal inmate has another charge in a different jurisdiction, state or federal, he must get them resolved immediately or he will not be allowed any sentence reduction programs, halfway house or home detention. He will remain in prison until his "out date" and then be picked up by the entity that has charges against him and will be transported back to face those charges. It is in the best interests of the inmate to have these "other" charges disposed of or acted upon immediately. If the inmate waits until after his term of federal or state confinement is completed to dispose of these charges; he will not be released from prison and will be re-arrested, detained again, and eventually be transported to the State that issued the charges.

Jail Time Consulting is an expert in IADA submissions and will skillfully prepare all the paperwork needed to file the necessary IADA paperwork to all required parties. The paperwork is detailed and must state exactly those items required and be specific to the new charges and to whom the paperwork is sent. We file all three documents with the proper notifications to make sure your charges are resolved or dismissed with prejudice.

IADA Detainer Program

If the Bureau of Prisons, State Prosecutor, or State Court does not completely comply with the exact letter of these procedures, the charges against the defendant must be dismissed with prejudice & can never be brought again.

We can help you improve your prison stay

In most cases the detainer (charges) are dismissed with prejudice and the prisoner has no additional state jail time

Jail Time Consulting (JTC) knows all the ins and outs of the IADA process and will provide for the inmate all the completed forms, letters, supporting documentation, and materials needed to comply with proper IADA submission. We have the knowledge, research, and tools to effectively help you with any detainers that you may have. Don’t wait until you have done all your federal time only to be remanded to state custody to face more charges and more time. Let us handle the issue now.

Chances are that due to the ineptness, laziness, and incompetence of county, state, and Bureau of Prisons officials that their inaction will mandate that your charges be dismissed. The important factor is that you follow all the necessary rules, regulations, and procedures and timely file the necessary paperwork to the appropriate parties to fully implement the IADA. Jail Time Consulting has all the forms, research, and materials needed to implement a complete and comprehensive IADA submission for you.

Don’t wait until you have done all your federal time only to be remanded to state custody to face more charges and more time. Let us handle the issue now.

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