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Marian Morgan's Big Mistake: Not taking a plea

Published: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 1:00 a.m.

Marian Morgan's 35-year sentence for orchestrating a multimillion-dollar fraud dramatically concluded a trio of boom-era Ponzi schemes that began in Sarasota during a time of financial excess and avarice and ended with lengthy prison terms.

But while the other two local Ponzi scheme perpetrators—Arthur Nadel and Beau Diamond—stole far more than Morgan and had many more victims, they received lesser sentences.

how to survive prison

Tigani's term to start Monday in N.Y.

The News Journal

US agency picks Brooklyn center over South Jersey site urged by judge.

WILMINGTON — Convicted liquor executive Christopher J. Tigani has been ordered to report Monday to a high-rise detention center in Brooklyn, N.Y., rather than the rural facility in South Jersey that was recommended by the federal judge who handed down his two-year sentence.


Making Crime Pay

APRIL 7, 2012

LARRY LEVINE, heavyset and bald, runs a thriving business out of a gated apartment complex in Ventura County, Calif., a setting that’s not at all bad for a home office considering some of the prison cells he’s lived in. But as he drops into his plush beige and white sectional couch to talk business, something is nagging at him.
The trouble is the new competition. All these guys are setting up shop, marketing themselves on the Internet, claiming they know the ropes and cutting into his market share.

To Mr. Levine, they’re a bunch of poseurs, with no street cred. After all, they’ve barely spent any time behind bars.

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