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How To Survive Federal Prison

Facing a jail sentence can be a traumatizing experience. Conviction presents many unknowns and creates difficulty to know where to turn for help. At Jail Time Consulting, we provide counseling and solutions for citizens sentenced to jail time, giving suggestions on how to reduce jail time and how to survive prison.

 Prison Consultants

As Prison Consultants, our representatives understand the pains and risks of federal prison. Prison can be a daunting experience for you, your family, and your friends. Our consultants are available for a free, confidential consultation for anyone going through the experience of conviction.

Jail Time Consulting prioritizes in serving you in your time of professional need. Receive expert advice from highly skilled, knowledgeable consultants who are dedicated to helping others to understand all applicable rights. Call 800-362-0868 to begin the process today.

How To Survive Prison

Jail Time: What you Need to Know Before You Go To Federal Prison, written by Michael Frantz, contains helpful tips on how to survive prison and reduce stress while going through the conviction and incarceration process. Written by a former inmate, the book gives details concerning facts of federal prison; what the judge doesn’t want you to know.

Jail Time contains honest, straightforward depictions of what life is like in prison. This book is suggested for anyone desiring to read about a personal experience relating to spending time in federal prison, as well as facts about the federal prosecution system.

Jail Time Consulting offers an interactive course, How to Survive in Prison: A Comprehensive Course On Surviving In Federal Prison. This course consists of seven parts that include one-on-one training through over-the-phone communication with a Federal Prison Consultant. This course is not only for convicted citizens, but for families of the convicted as well.

Throughout the duration of this course, participants will learn about the following subjects:

  • Important Things First: Learn about the basics of prison life and what to expect.
  • Journey to Prison: Learn about the “Diesel Theory” and how to deal with the process.
  • Arrival at Prison: Learn strategies surrounding what to do when you get to prison.
  • Prison Life: Learn about aspects in prison that you should be prepared for.
  • Preparing to Leave: Learn how to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Post Prison Life: Learn how to best reintegrate into the community.
  • Ancillary Materials: Learn prison language and important information about the Second Chance Act.

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