JT Special Prison Report 2:
Inmate Visits

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Inmate Visits: What you need to know before entering federal prison!


Inmate Visits: What you need to know before entering federal prison!

A JT Special Prison Report which explains to the new incoming inmate the Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) rules and regulations on inmate visits. One of the most important events for a new inmate or for any federal prison inmate is a visit. A visit from a spouse, child or family member means everything to an inmate. It is one of the first items on the minds of all new inmates. There are certain steps that must be done prior to arriving at federal prison, certain forms that must be filled out before that first visit is possible. Visiting times and rules may vary between institutions, especially between Federal Prison Camps (FPCs) and Federal Correctional Institutions (FCIs). FPCs have similar rules and regulations as those of FCIs, yet, there are major differences. Fortunately, the rules and regulations at FPCs are not nearly as stringent as those at FCIs. Yet, there are several differences that all federal prison inmates need to know. This JT Special Prison Report explains, informs, and educates the reader on the BOP’s Visiting Regulations and Policies. Certain federal prisons may have local rules which must be adhered to. This can be very confusing and upsetting to both the federal prison inmate and his family. How devastating it would be to have his family show up for a visit just to be turned away due to misinformation or a mistake. Unfortunately, this happens way too frequently. This JT Special Prison Report provides information for the reader which will assure a successful federal prison visit.

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Inmate Visits

  1. John Reynolds

    Thanks, tells me everything I need to know about visiting, thanks.

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