What is an Administrative Remedy Appeal?

The Administrative Remedy Program is a Bureau of Prisons program by which inmates in federal prison can seek formal review of an issue which relates to any aspect of their confinement which they believe is inappropriate, discriminatory, or incorrect. In other words, if an inmate feels he has been mistreated, discriminated against, denied a program, or been adversely affected by a BOP decision, he can file an Administrative Remedy Appeal. An inmate cannot sue the federal government, or the Bureau of Prisons until the Administrative Remedy Process has been exhausted.

How It Works

The Administrative Remedy Program is a four-step program that requires the inmate to file a certain document in a specific amount of time stating the nature of the grievance or the adverse BOP decision. Each BOP entity to which the grievance is submitted then has a specific number of days to respond to the grievance.

Many times, BOP staff members take advantage of inmates who try to prepare their own Administrative Remedy Requests. They deny them due to a simple, insignificant clerical matter causing the inmate to resubmit the package over and over and over. If every “i” is not dotted and every “t” crossed, the BOP will reject it and send it back to the inmate to do over. This takes time and negatively affects the filing period the inmate has to submit the grievance. Other times, they simply refuse to accept an Administrative Remedy Submission which is a clear violation of the Bureau of Prisons’ policy and procedure. At Jail Time Consulting we know the rules and don’t allow this to happen.

The Administrative Remedy Steps are:

Step 1: Informal Resolution. We will work together to complete a BP-8 ½ form and file it with your Unit Team.

Step 2: Request for Administrative Remedy
If denied, which is 99% of the time, we will then complete a BP-9 form and file it to the Warden of your federal prison.

Step 3: Regional Administrative Remedy Appeal
Almost there!  If the Administrative Remedy Appeal to the Warden is denied, we will complete a B-10 form and submit it to the Regional Director. Here is where the inmate has his first chance of success and correcting the wrong that was done to him/her.

Step 4: Central Office Administrative Remedy Appeal
Lastly, if the Regional Administrative Appeal is denied, we will complete a BP-11 form and submit it to the BOP Central Office in Washington, DC. This is the inmate’s best chance of success!

Hire a Professional to Increase Your Chances

This is your life we’re trying to improve. That’s why Jail Time Consulting explains, informs, educates, and prepares all levels of your Administrative Remedy Appeals. We have firsthand knowledge, expertise, and experience in developing Administrative Remedy Requests for all federal prison inmates.

And the best part is that our programs are entirely customized to your individual needs and situation. We have seen a few things and know the ins and outs of the federal prison system. If there is an injustice, we’ll do everything we can to get you the solutions and results you need and deserve.

Don’t take a chance on your quality of life. Give Jail Time Consulting a call today to see how we can assist you! 954-740-2253 or toll-free at 800-382-0868