Looking for a way to get out of the federal prison system and back home early? There are four (4) Sentence Reduction Programs in Federal Prison and many more in State Prisons to earn early-release and get you home. There are the RDAP, Second Chance Act, Compassionate Release, and Commutation of Sentence Programs in Federal Prisons.  State Prisons have two main groups of prisons to get you home. Some programs you take certain classes and receive incentive time off for completing the programs. Others, our consultants review your qualifications and the criteria of the programs and file the necessary documents, exhibits, applications, and detailed information for you. Our consultants show compassion to inmates and their families as they guide them through the process of federal and state prison. We want to give you the best options available. Let us assess your situation and see how we can help you get home to your family faster! Contact us at (800) 382-0868 or 954-522-2254 for more information. We use compassion and understanding in every program.

Get Home Faster

Because we want you to have the best experience possible, we work hard to help you find qualifications for early release. Our experts will research and find the best way to present your case. As a result, you will receive the best options possible when it comes to shortened sentence time. We want you to return home to your family, and therefore, will do everything in our power to give you the compassion you need.

In addition to showing compassion to our inmates, we care about the families of the incarcerated. We represent the importance of family and consequently will provide guidance. Let us walk you and your family through this experience to ensure that no more mistakes are made.

Contact Us For Compassion

If you think you may qualify for the Compassionate Release Program, contact one of our experts. We are excited to see how we can help you shorten your prison sentence! Call us at (800) 382-0868 or 954-522-2254 for a free consultation to see if our services are for you and your family.