Conviction is not a pretty turn of events. After a long struggle of imprisonment, dealing with the court system, and dealing with a lot of heartache for you and your family, you want to get back to your family as soon as you can. In August of 2013, a new program statement was introduced to help convicts get to their families quicker than before. This program is called the Compassionate Release Program. This program was released after a long research period and many years of discussion and documentation.

The Compassionate Release Program grants an inmate immediate release from incarceration. When an inmate is eligible for this Compassionate Release, it can change the life of the inmate as well as the lives of the family. These new criteria and expanded guidelines are more inmate-friendly and create a nice second chance for those who qualify.

Qualification Aspects

Some aspects that can increase the likelihood of eligibility for the Compassionate Release Program include the following:

  • Elderly Inmates with Medical Conditions,
  • “NEW LAW” Elderly Inmates 70 years old or older, no severe Medical Conditions,
  • Any Inmate with a Terminal Medical Condition,
  • Any Inmate with a Progressive Illness or Debilitating Injury,
  • Non-Medical Circumstances—Death or Incapacitation of the Family Caregiver at home,
  • Non-Medical Circumstances—Incapacitation or Illness of Spouse/Partner at home.

When these circumstances occur, it is difficult for the inmate to be away from their family. This is why the Compassionate Release Program was created.

Jail Time Consulting

We understand that not every situation is ideal and that there may be struggles in knowing how to get involved with this program and finding out if you qualify for this program or other programs to shorten jail time. At Jail Time Consulting, this subject is our specialty. We will work with you to get you the best help and programs to shorten the length of your incarceration. We want to help you get back to your family and to a more fulfilling life.

Jail Time Consulting will help you create your application, as well as research and provide all of your supporting documentation, facts, information, records, and other data necessary for the Compassionate Release Program. Let us do the work and present your case.

Work with Jail Time Consulting and change your life today! Contact us with your information and the details of your circumstance and we will see what we can do to help you and your family through this time.