JT Special Prison Report 4:
Inmate Perks & Upgrades


Inmate Perks and Upgrades: They exist; learn how to get them


Inmate Perks and Upgrades: They exist; learn how to get them

A JT Special Prison Report revealing the little known perks, upgrades, and quality of life enhancers currently available in federal prison. No one is prepared for life in a federal prison. No matter how much you read, no matter what your attorney tells you, life in federal prison is hell. I know I have been there. It is not comfortable, it is not pleasant, but it can be tolerable. Discussing your many concerns and having the multitude of questions floating around in your head answered is certainly a huge help. Federal prison isn’t easy, but it can be bearable. There are very few benefits, perks, or upgrades associated with federal prison. Very few perks to make an inmate’s life easier or more bearable, yet they do exist. Those inmates that have them know about the system or have used JT Consulting to obtain them. JT Consulting educates and informs defendants and helps them to position themselves, before sentencing, to receive these little known perks and upgrades. It may not be much, but each little perk is a tremendous improvement over the standard issue received by a majority of the inmates in federal prison.

Some federal prison inmates may not qualify for these perks or upgrades when they arrive in prison. The reason is simple. They do not qualify because they have not prepared for them. They have not positioned themselves prior to sentencing to qualify for these quality of life enhancers. This JT Special Prison Report lists these upgrades and perks and educates the reader on how to obtain them.


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