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JT Special Prison Report 8:
Inmate Transfers


Inmate Transfers: So you want to change prisons!


Inmate Transfers: So you want to change prisons!

A JT SPECIAL PRISON REPORT© enlightening the inmate as to the types of transfers available within the Bureau of Prisons’ system. If an inmate is not within 500 miles of his family or his release destination, he can request a “nearer release transfer”. If he would like to enroll in the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program and the program is not offered at his institution, he should request a “transfer for program participation”. This JT Special Prison Report© educates the inmate on all the transfers available and instructs the inmate on how to apply and secure the transfer he requires. All the criteria, rules and regulations necessary for securing the requested transfer are included. This step by step report instructs the inmate on who to contact first, which transfers he can initiate and how to obtain the transfer he desires.


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Inmate Transfers”

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