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Florida Second Chance Act & RDAP

Image of a convict who may be interested in the possibility of early release with the Florida Second Chance Act & RDAP

For all of the convicts out there, you understand that being incarcerated is a stressful and scary experience. What if we told you that it doesn’t need to be as bad as it seems? Here at Jail Time Consulting, we support convicts and provide helpful resources for them to shorten their jail sentence. What are…

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Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP

Image of a federal courthouse where an inmate may petition for the Arkansas Second Chance Act & RDAP

If you are in trouble with the federal court system for any reason, you have come to the right place! We understand that conviction is scary and frustrating. But it doesn’t need to be. With Jail Time Consulting, feel confident that you can be ready to go through the federal prison process. We provide help…

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Texas Second Chance Act & RDAP

Image of a lawyer assisting in documentation for the Texas Second Chance Act & RDAP

We all make mistakes in life and sometimes get into trouble. Do you currently deal with federal offenses and might have possible jail time? Here at Jail Time Consulting, lessen the stress. We work with clients to come up with the best solutions to shorten sentences and create the best experience possible going through the…

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Compassionate Release Program: Helping Families Across America

Conviction is not a pretty turn of events. After a long struggle of imprisonment, dealing with the court system, and dealing with a lot of heartache for you and your family, you want to get back to your family as soon as you can. In August of 2013, a new program statement was introduced to…

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Benefitting From the Second Chance Act

The Second Chance Act was a crucial part of our American history and still makes a great impact on our present day judicial system. The Second Chance Act (SCA) supports local, state, and tribal government and nonprofit organizations in their purpose of improving the lives of people returning from state and federal prison, local jails,…

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Federal Prison Consultants

Facing some jail troubles? You are not alone. When faced with a federal prison sentence, there are resources to help you survive prison. Federal Prison Consultants dedicate their lives to guiding the convicted to the best options when going through the process of incarceration. Benefits of Hiring Federal Prison Consultants There are many incredible benefits…

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Jail Time: What You Need To Know Before You Go To Federal Prison

Have you ever known someone who has gone to jail? A close friend, a family member, or even yourself? Maybe you know someone who was recently convicted and who is about to go to prison. These situations can be hard for the convicted as well as friends and family. Former convict, Michael Frantz has published…

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How To Survive Federal Prison

Facing a jail sentence can be a traumatizing experience. Conviction presents many unknowns and creates difficulty to know where to turn for help. At Jail Time Consulting, we provide counseling and solutions for citizens sentenced to jail time, giving suggestions on how to reduce jail time and how to survive prison.  Prison Consultants As Prison…

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Working with the Second Chance Act of 2008

Signed by President Bush during his presidency term in 2008, the Second Chance Act (SCA) became federal law. Now any prisoner can be considered to be transferred to a halfway home during the last year of their sentence. To clarify, the Second Chance Act allows any prisoner to be allowed up to twelve months in…

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RDAP – Rehab Drug Abuse Program

About RDAP RDAP (Rehab Drug Abuse Program) has been advancing in popularity over the years. Ever since the program’s initial implementation in 2009, the RDAP has provided improved relationships with the incarcerated, improved mental and physical health, markedly higher educational advancements, decreased inmate misconduct, “recidivism, criminality, and a reduced chance of the inmate relapsing into…

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