JT Special Prison Report 34:
Prison Jobs


Prison Jobs: Deception or marketable job skills?


Prison Jobs: Deception or marketable job skills?

A JT Special Prison Report which explores the inmate work program in federal prisons. All inmates at federal prisons are required to work if they are medically able. Federal prison work assignments include employment in areas like Food Service, Unit Orderlies, Construction and Maintenance, Landscaping, Plumbers, Painters, or just picking up paper and trash on AM and PM Yard crews. The work is demeaning and degrading. The pay is not only substandard but unbelievable as inmates only earn 12¢ per hour for these work assignments. This is a huge cut in pay from the jobs inmates had in the real world. How do you adjust? How do you get along? What are the best prison jobs? Which jobs should you avoid? What happens if you refuse to work? All these topics are covered in this JT Special Prison Report.

The BOP states that inmates “gain marketable job skills while working in prison”. Is this true or is this just a deception to allow this federal agency to have an unrestricted slave labor work force for the maintenance and upkeep of its prisons. The BOP maintains a captive work force to ensure that the day to day operations of the institution can be done by inmates at a minimal cost. The BOP certainly benefits but does the inmate gain anything from this work program? Deception or marketable job skills, read this and you be the judge.